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Christmas 3 - Christmas Day at Legoland

Hello Beautiful People,

Our Christmas journey is now Christmas morning. Ho Ho Ho!

Let's begin by answering the question on everyone's mind: What was Jennie wearing?  Well let me tell you, I have this pair of pjs that is red flannel with snowmen. It's cute. It's got the button down top and the matching pants. I think this is the first time I wore them...because they are a medium and always looked a little small. Fun Fact: They are actually a little big :-)

Well this was our second Christmas in Florida with my brother and his family and we now have two traditions: one is going to Legoland on Christmas and the other is cinnamon buns...yummy...gooey...goodness.

Needless to say, Nephew's pile of presents dwarfed everyone else's. I timed it. It took 39 minutes to open all of his...and that was with assistance. Kid's got it made.

And then Ironically it took the adults another couple hours to open ours...naps had to be had and what not.

So one of my favorite presents is one that I gave my Sister-in-law. If you will remember from the last post, I mentioned that she's a 49ers fan and I am a Ravens fan. She and her sister share a tradition of getting football team ornaments from where they live or who they like. It has to go on the tree, not in front, but on the tree. Last year she gave me a 49ers gingerbread ornament. So I was on the hunt for a good one this year. I did restrain from getting a Superbowl ornament for her. I figured I might never see Nephew again if I did that, but I did find the perfect one!  They collect Nutcrackers and so I found a Ravens Nutcracker ornament. She was all excited when she saw it at first...and then she noticed what it really was :-)

te he.

Soon it was time for Legoland!

You would think that I would be totally exhausted from the day before, but nope, I was good. Let's go!

Last year we went for a couple of hours and frankly Nephew was 2 months old and pretty much ate and slept. This time we got to do so much more. We hit the store first and then went on our first ride. I don't remember what it was called, but it was a slow turning ride that lifted up over the park and gave you a 360 degree view of the area.

And then we needed to eat. I loved their burger last year, but this time we went to their cafeteria type restaurant. We had the option of a rice bowl, roasted chicken, salads, or kids menu.

I had been short on my green vegetables for a few days and I had rice more often lately, so I wanted to avoid that one. I could have gotten a roasted chicken, but the sides were potatoes and I wanted more (in retrospect, I could have gotten a side of mixed veggies from the rice place, but I was too hungry to think clearly). In the end I got the kids Mac'n'cheese meal. It was a small bowl and came with apples and a bottle of water.  I had also brought a bottle of Crystal light with me.

After lunch we went over to have our picture taken with the lego Santa...way cool!

And then we went into the toddler room for Nephew to run around for a little while. Now, I have been drinking my water and by the time we left the toddler room I had used the facilities 3 times since we arrived. #Hydrated

I like to ride roller coasters and so does my Sister-in-Law...and so off we went. To get there we had to walk through Miniland, which is so cool. It was my favorite part last year. Mini cities all of legos....and a Star Wars section.

Then we rode the wooden roller coaster and I loved it. I LOVE wooden coasters. They are by far my first choice. Brother isn't as big of a fan, but we made him go anyway and sit behind us.

Afterwards, we wanted to ride the other roller coaster. So Brother and mom took Nephew to ride the carousel and off we went.

This coaster was cute. It starts going through an area that's all animated lego structures and then it's a fast coaster.  The Former Fat Girl loved roller coasters, but wasn't always comfortable that she was in tight enough. It would feel too tight on the belly and yet there would be the fear that she would still fall out.

I loved the and No lines!  But, we had one more stop to make before we could leave...if you followed me last year you may remember the apple fries...OMG...the APPLE FRIES!

They are deliciousness in a cup!  Nephew was sitting on my lap and very sad when I would put one in my mouth and not give it to the bugger split them with me.

I was wrong, we weren't ready to leave...Mom and I got to take him on the carousel before we left. We just sat on the bench. No horsey for us.  But, it was a long wait before they started and someone was getting restless.

It was another wonderful Christmas at Legoland. If you have kids and find yourself in the Orlando area, I highly recommend this park for a day. It's fun for kids of all ages. Why it's so fun that we went back two nights later for fireworks!  But that's for the next post...

Have a Blessed Night.

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