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Random Wednesday - It's COLD!

Happy Random Wednesday!

So you wanna hear a funny story?  Here's how things went down at the gym last night. It was a cold cold COLD day. And so I packed an extra pair of sweatpants and jacket to wear to the gym. When I got to the locker room I had a lot to do. I had to get out my weights gloves, notebook, towel, ipod, earphones, etc. I had jackets and pants strewn over the bench.

After I got everything all set I put a lock on the locker and headed out for my workout. Did you notice how I said "a lock"?  When I was finished I came in and noticed that the lock on my locker was not mine. Um...WHAT?  My stuff was in the locker, but it wasn't my lock.

There were no females working, but lucky for me one of the female employees was in the building working out. So they got her to come use the bolt cutters. I found my lock still in my bag.

Nearest I can figure is that someone left a lock on the bench and I visually saw it while I was getting ready and assumed I had taken mine out of my bag. Not the same color lock, but that didn't seem to register. DOH.


I'm currently in the middle of moving temporarily until I move back to Charlotte this Spring. It's a good thing, but it's very stressful. For the most part I have things organized, but I want to purge a lot of stuff and I'm stressing out.  I'm currently packing most of my things and have been taking bins and boxes to my mom's getting ready for the big move. So hopefully once this move is over I will be able to relax for the next couple of months before the Big move.


How are you doing with the cold? 

This is what I wore to work yesterday:

Knee high socks, long john bottoms, Jeans, under armour long sleeve running shirt, sweater, scarf, fur lined hat, and fur lined boots. I also had a coat and mittens for the car.

I sat at my desk with the space heater on all day and I was still cold. I realized that I was a little warmer in the afternoon...I also happened to not drink so much water in the afternoon. No wonder I'm so cold all of the time. The water cools your body temp not just in the heat, but also the cold.

It won't stop me though. I MUST STAY HYDRATED!

Big shout out to Ms. Liz who was going to Wegman's on her lunch hour and brought me back some soup. I had lunch with me, but I couldn't get soup out of my brain because of the cold. I also had tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner


Monday was a running day for me at the gym. It was PACKED. I couldn't find a parking spot, locker, or machine. I mean I eventually did, but man lots of people were there. Hopefully it will last. I know there is always a mad rush of people at the beginning of the year, but a trainer can always hope that it'll stick!

Tonight is the company Holiday party. I am going, but only for a little while. I don't live close by anymore and I have things to do.  I want to stay until dinner though. I am worried that I will fill up on appetizers.  So I tried to make sure that I had a hearty lunch and afternoon snack so that I'm not starving when it starts.


So the Biggest Loser was back last night. Hooray!  I have missed it. I'm not into the dramatic recaps and what not, but whatever. And I wasn't prepared for a 2 hour show. I take so many notes that 2 hours is rough.

My workout at the gym was back and shoulders. When I run I am tired, but the adrenaline pumps and I can't always fall right to sleep. When I do weights I knock out completely. So I didn't quite have the energy to blog after the show ended.

Lots of good stuff on this episode and only 1 month to go!  More importantly, Nascar Driver Carl Edwards was on...made me think of Tony Stewart...wondering what he was doing....wishing he would CALL ME!


Sunday night I had dinner at Grandmom's. I miss our Sunday evenings. Usually I pop over and we put football on while she makes me chicken and vegetables. A good time is had by all. It's been a while so it was nice to have.  Plus she gave me a Christmas present from my Aunt and Uncle. They got me a pink ornament for my Christmas tree that says "Gotta Run..."

I Love how supportive my family is. Plus, they get me. HaHa


Okay, one more thing on the cold...I know it's supposed to warm up, but I am suddenly not feeling so hot for the Polar Plunge in a month...ugh.

Now I know that this has happened the last two years that I did it. It was freezing leading up to it. I would have nightmares thinking about it. And then as soon as the weekend came I would feel fine, even when it looked like it was going to be so frigid last year. So I will be fine. It's for a good cause. I'm all good. Sometimes I just need to talk things out.


I was thinking the other day that it's almost time for Girl Scout Cookies...Lord help me!


Okay so I'm busy. You all know I'm busy. I need to sign up for March's race ASAP. I need time to raise money. But, I was holding off for 2 things.

1-Needed to make sure it wasn't during a possible Cruise week...just double checked and its' not (we put in for 3 possible weeks so it has not been fully decided when yet).

2-I haven't been in the game for a month. I still have two months to prep and I know I will be fine, but I don't want to get aggrivated with myself if I lose time from the last race. I need the mileage though. I can consider it Marathon training. And that's the attitude that I need to have right now. But, the fear of failure creeps in and gets in my brain. BAH! GET OUT!


It's that time of the month again...YEAH! Cause I could really use a refresh on my playlist. I will be adding a few of these to my list. Here is the Playlist info that I got this month:

On the whole, there should be a few songs here you loved, a few you missed, and a few that have been given a makeover since you last heard them. If you're looking for a few tunes to jump start the new year—and possibly a new you—the list below provides 10 great places to start.
To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine.

So let's get movin!

Have a Blessed Night.

Don't forget my Polar Plunge for Special Olympics

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