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Christmas Part 1 - Virginia to Florida

Happy New Year Bleeps!

Okay, it's time to get started on recapping my trip to Florida. YEAH!  The nephew is the cutest thing EVER. I miss him soooo little snugglebug.

Saturday morning we got up early. The car needed to be loaded by 8:30 so that we could run over to Aunt Carol's for breakfast before we got on the road. All was going well, but one of my bags fell out of my car about 3 times. It just refused to stay in. And it was a most important bag. It was actually the canvas Disney World bag I got the last time I was at Disney ( 8 years ago). It held my special white chocolate peppermint tea and the infuser to make it. That is my golden bag. Other than that, we did good and got to her place shortly after 9. She made us an egg casserole and I was super happy. I was worried that there would be a breakfast that would leave me hungry. Eggs are good at filling me up.

There were also some cookies that were offered. I had the greatest thing EVER!  Chocolate peanut butter rice crispy bites. O. M. G.  I want to marry them. I don't now how, but a bag of treats found it's way into the car. I really don't know how it happened. There was no room for it.

I grabbed a diet coke. I needed caffeine. I was tired after the drive the night before. And my knee was still a little sore. 

We got on the road at a really good time and I was excited. I couldn't wait to get to Charlotte and see my friends. I miss them sooooo much. We were on the road for 30 minutes before we got caught in a bunch of traffic on 95 ( my arch nemesis for this trip). It held us up for about 30 minutes.

Mom offered me a snack and I said I would just have some of the baby carrots. She asked where I put them. Um....I thought she packed them. DANG IT! We had a giant ziploc bag of carrots in the fridge and none of them made it to the car. GAH!  Well intentions...but in a rush to get on the road.

There was a potty stop once we got on to 85. I had planned on us stopping in 45 miles for our lunch break. There is a super Walmart with a Subway that I usually stop at. But, after sitting in that traffic for so long I decided that we should get a few more miles under our belt before we stopped. Besides, I had just finished a bottle of water and knew I would need to be stopping a little later.

When we stopped for gas there was a Burger King right there. I thought about having a chicken wrap, but we would be stopping for a platter of chicken nuggets for the gathering that night. I never got my burger after my race so maybe just a small burger. I was burping a whopper Jr the whole rest of the ride. I also had another diet soda to help with the burping.

We got to Charlotte at a good time. There was some traffic right before we got there and you know that's when I had to use the ladies room. I had ordered a nugget platter from chick-fil-a to take to the gathering. It happened to be located directly across the street from the mall...on the Saturday before Christmas...not my smartest idea. But, we got in, used the facilities, and got our nuggets. We were on our way immediately.

Ms. Amy and Ms. Crystal were already at Ms. Marisol's when we got there. Oh it was a giant hug
fest. They are three of my best friends and I was so happy to see them. Ms. Amy had asked me earlier if they could bring anything. I heart them! They brought hummus and pita chips, fruit, and cheese. They specifically picked healthy options for me. :-)

 Ms. Amy is so cute. She is a faithful reader and one of my biggest supporters. She was mentioning how she doesn't know how I do everything. She wants to know when I have time to do my grocery shopping. haha. It's an exhausting life, but it's all about time management. I make the most of every minute and plan ahead.

A little while later the party expanded. Mr. Eric and his lovely wife Lisa arrived...also with fruit :-) Then came Ms. Michele and her little bundle of joy Alex. For those of you keeping track, Alex is one of the reasons why I sign up with Run for Autism. Just seeing his progress in one year is sooooo amazing. I am so proud of him and for all everything that Ms. Michele does for him. She is my hero.
Shortly after, Ms. Maricela and her kids came. And then Ms. Marisol's kids came home too. Full House! 

When it was time to exchange presents, I was extremely excited for Ms. Michele to open her gift. I had made her a scarf and put one of my Run for Autism medals in the box with it. I wanted her to have it for all of the work that she does. She was one of my biggest supporters when I was raising money last year, and I will be joining again this week for the March race, and she deserves it. You know tears were shed. It was a special moment.

During the week before my trip, Ms. Amy had asked if I had a tea infuser. I told her that I had. I was excited to make some tea that night. But, oddly I could not find my infuser. What?  Do not even tell me that it fell out of my bag one of the many times it fell out of my car. ARGH! 

I was talking with Miss Ashley, Ms. Marisol's daughter, about when I move back. I told her that I will be in training for my full marathon and that I will need her help. We'll need to go to the park with a bunch of her friends and have them placed strategically around the path with water bottles and water guns to cool me off. haha. She liked it.

The evening went by fast, but it was soon time for bed. We needed to get up early and get on the road. But first, we needed breakfast...PANCAKES!  Ms. Marisol had mentioned previously that she had made white chocolate chip I had put my order in. Plus, she makes the best caramel latte and I NEEDED caffeine for the drive. YUM.

So even though I drank a lot of water the day before, I also drank a lot of soda. Way more than normal, but sadly way below what the Former Fat Girl drank daily. The result: my fingers were swollen. I could barely get my new Tiffany & Co. ring on. Uh oh. Water it is!  I also didn't wear it for the rest of the trip just to be safe.

We got on the road and it was raining. Boo...not the way I want to start the day. We needed to stop for gas in a little while. I wanted to wait until we had been on the road for at least an hour. When we stopped I already had to use the ladies room. It was going to be a long trip. I found a Subway...with a DRIVE-THRU!  WHAT???  I must move to South Carolina.

Right before we made that stop we had practically been run over by a Canadian SUV. They made my list!  And for the rest of the trip I noticed a large number of Canadian license plates on the road...hmm...

Halfway to Savannah we got back on 95 and immediately hit traffic. There was an accident...and my eyes were practically yellow with pee. I had to go sooo bad. The good news is that it took away the focus from my knee. It was tightening up and we still had a long way to go. Shortly after we passed the accident I jumped off the road and found a bathroom. And because I was crazy, I also got another water, but this one was flavored.  I bet you can guess what happened hour later I had to go again and again there was traffic. NO!  My google maps had us getting off at the next exit and taking a parallel road to bypass the traffic. After sitting for another half hour I found a bathroom. Naturally one stall was broken so there was a line. When it was my turn it was quite embarrassing. Mom said it sounded like I had turned on a faucet. It was quite possibly the longest pee ever!

So now we are behind in time. But, we might still make it in time to see the baby before he goes to bed. We could skip Savannah, but I needed to stop for lunch and walk around somewhere. I was getting punchy and my knee was locking up.  So we went to Savannah for a quick lunch. We went straight to the restaurant we went to last year. This time we were there much earlier and we got a seat out on the patio overlooking the river. So pretty.

We remembered to order the Fried Green Tomatoes that we wanted to order last year. I had never had them and I really wanted to try them. They did not disappoint. YUM.

We finished lunch and I walked around a tiny bit to give my knee a break. But we needed to get back on the road. I could have easily stayed for a couple of hours or more, but alas it was not to be that day. My new plan in life is to move to Charlotte, marry rich, and then retire to Savannah in a year...not a bad plan...are you listening Tony Stewart? CALL ME!

This time I made it 2 hours before our next stop in Jacksonville. By now my knee is killing me and we still had at least 3 hours to go. And many many more Canadian cars to see. Honest to goodness, I counted 30 before we had even hit Florida...42 in total! Please note, that at this time I did put on my Disney playlist...cause yes, I am THAT girl :-)

Before we got off of 95 it would bite me one more time with a huge accident.  We sat for another half hour.  My knee felt like an elephant was standing on it good knee. Not good. By the time we arrived at my brother's house I couldn't stand it. I had the hardest time getting out of the car and was limping for a little while. Luckily they had an ice pack for me and for that I am forever grateful.

 We did it though. There were 2 extra hours due to accidents, but we made it. It was warm and I wanted to get to sleep. For in the morning, I would get to see my sweet sweet nephew...and the next day was Disney time!

Have a Blessed Night.

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