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Weekend Recap: Hugging, Edamame, and Treasure Island

Hello Bleeps,

Fine, I'll be the one to say it. This weekend went by FAST. I'm assuming it's because last weekend was a holiday weekend. I was able to get a lot of stuff on my list done,  but still have lots to do.

Today was a wonderful day at Church and I really wanted to talk about it, but I will tell you all about it this week.  Right now I'll recap some highlights of the weekend.

Friday afternoon I went to the grocery store at lunch with Ms. Tracey.  She needed to pick up some things and I figured I would hit the salad bar. And I did well. I got a nice spinach salad with fresh salsa, chicken, corn, chick peas, and oil/vinegar dressing.

I looked for a couple of other things. I have read repeatedly that cherry juice is great for inflammation so I was looking for some for my knee. I couldn't find any small bottles to try. I did buy something that was in the refrigerated juice section, but I think it's more of an energy drink. Doh.

The other thing I was looking for was edamame. I had seen a recipe to make it as a nice snack. I found some shelled ones, but they too were in the refrigerated section and I still had to be at work. So I made note to get some later.

When I got back to work I sent a text inviting my cousins to come to the race with me. I had come up with a plan that I could drive up to Scranton after work on Friday and stay with them. Then drive them down and straight to the expo to pick up my race packet saturday. Sunday I would take them back after the race (after a shower and a small nap) and spend the night again. I would take Monday off and just take my time getting home.

The plan took effect. Sadly, Keeley will not able to join us. But, Hannah is still in. I found my Hugger!

I had mentioned to someone that neither of my parents like the idea of me going into races by myself (even though I am well of age). That doesn't bother me. I go to 5Ks by myself. But the Halves are something different. I'm a crier. I have cried at the end of each race, for various reasons. But, I like to have someone there to hug me when I finish.  I found my Hugger!!!

Friday night's workout was to be a light run. I ran for 5 miles and then stretched for a while. My quad was pulling when I started...argh.  It was Friday Night at the gym and you know what that means: MASSAGE night...ahhh. I started with a full body and let the last 3 minutes be on my calves only. I am pretty sure I'll be doing that every night this week.

So I was pretty excited. I planned on sleeping in on Saturday. The only hard thing I had scheduled was a walk/run in the park. But, it could be in the afternoon. It didn't matter what time. I also desperately wanted to finish reading Treasure Island. I was sooooo close. Reading it all summer was killing me. I never take that long with books. It was not because it was bad, but it was on my kindle. And I don't take that to the pool or gym. They happened to be the only places that I was reading anything besides a text book.

I woke up still fairly early for a Saturday and started reading. I made deals with myself. After each chapter I would get up and clean/straighten one item (book shelf, underwear drawer, top of the dresser, etc). I finished my book and my To Do list depleted. YEAH.  And so it was time for a walk.

My plan was a walk. Originally I planned on a long walk, but this week I made the decision to make it a shorter walk. I would do one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Instead, I was holding such a great pace and it was such a beautiful day that I knocked out 8 miles. I alternated running a lap and walking a lap.  I wanted pavement time, but pavement kills my knees and I didn't want to put myself out of commission for the week.

I get frustrated. My pace does not level off or get really great until mile 4 or 5. This is why 5Ks frustrate me. I have to keep reminding myself that I train for endurance. So when I got to mile 4 I knew for sure I would be going longer. I wanted to see my walking pace and make sure that was improving. I'm happy.

So since I did a longer distance than planned I decided to turn Sunday into a rest day. Sounds Good To Me!  I also started sneezing in the park...and I haven't stopped since. BAH. #NoTimeToDealWithAllergies

This morning was a special service at Church. Instead of offering two service times we were only having one. The first one. No more sleeping in.  Since I'll be telling you more about it later, I'll just leave you with this teaser: We sang Sweet Home Alabama.

After church I ran to Starbucks (SHOCKER). I didn't get a chance to eat before church and since it went extra long I was a mess. I got a bagel and an Iced Green Tea...and pulled out my kindle for a New was a good morning. Before I left I opted to use my rewards points for my free drink. The fall drinks have come out and they have a chocolate chai tea I got an iced grande. But, I forgot to ask for skim. DOH. It was yummy. More importantly though, the salted caramel mocha is back HOLLA.

So I took my drink and went to the grocery store. I was on the phone with my mom when I walked in and was just saying that I didn't know where to look for the edamame (nor did I know how to pronounce it) when I saw my cousin's boyfriend, Todd, working. He's my go-to Veggie guy. So I hung up on mom and asked him to lead me to the edamame. Success.

He mentioned that he heard that I passed my exam, YAY, and asked what else was going on. I mentioned the race next weekend and he mentioned that he will be there too. His roommate is running and he loves the band that is the headliner for the post race concert. Sweet. My Hugger list is growing!

OH quickly, I have also procured my throw away shirt from another cousin (I got a lot of them). Thank you Sugar Shain!

Alright so I got my edamame and a few other items. I didn't get to hit up the crockpot as originally planned so I went with other options. Microwaveable brown rice. Vegetable Steamers. They are an awesome option for veggies. Seriously, all you do is microwave it and voila!  And these days they are more exciting than just green beans or broccoli. Birdseye rocks. I got a cous cous with spinach blend, a tuscan blend, and a couple others.

*Please note that I in no way get paid for any endorsements I make. I am simply telling you what I like.

While I was in line to pay I put a chocolate bar belt. But, I took it off. I had my chai tea. That was my treat. #WillPower  #IHashtagEverything

I came home and was ready to prepare my edamame, but opted for painting my nails first. And then I made plans to go over to Grandmom's. I would take my edamame there. First I had to shell them. Then mix them with a tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of salt. Then bake them at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

I was excited. And they are yummy, but um...they shrink and don't even fill up one of the two small containers I brought for them. They are good though.

So shout out to Grandmom for her delicious dinner. Chicken. Corn on the cob. Strawberries and whip cream. Yum. Also, she has a nice big HD tv that I could watch the delicious Aaron Rodgers on. yum.

It was a good weekend. I did fight the urge to stop at Dairy Queen though. I desperately wanted a soft serve ice cream. I am not sure why, but I was craving it all weekend. However, next weekend is race time and you know that means: I get to eat whatever I want. That's my rule. And so I have put in my big-ass burger request for Hannah's grandfather to make Sunday night when I return her home...but I believe I will also indulge in a Dairy Queen cone that day.

Oh and one more thing. I know I've said it before, but it's so nice when others recognize it. My exam was hard. I've said that there was a 56% passing rate last year. It was not easy. Some people I have talked to didn't even know if their trainer was certified "I didn't even know they had to be" and others assume that the exam is about knowing how to do a jumping jack. Not so. Now there are different groups that offer certifications and some are not as hard as others. My mom was talking with another teacher at school who went to a college that has a pretty big Sports education department. She said that she knows people who majored in sports education that couldn't pass the ACE exam. That definitely makes me feel even better. That it really was necessary to sacrifice my summer to study. Now let's get started!

Alrighty kids, I have to go pack my lunch for tomorrow and then do some more stretching. Just remember:

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you

*A highlight of the night is that Josh Elliot from Good Morning America retweeted my Fundraising Page...HOLLA

Have a Blessed Night.

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