Monday, September 23, 2013

Almost back to normal

Happy Monday Bleeps!

Guess who is almost back to normal! Well as close to normal as I can get. And let me just say that being sick for a week SUCKS big time.

I was finally feeling better on Friday. I was so happy when I woke up. It was short lived. By lunch I was drained and congested again. By the time 5 o'clock rolled around I was crawling to my car.  I considered stopping somewhere for soup or something on my way home, but after sitting in rush hour traffic I really just wanted to get home and put on my pjs.

Dang it. I was soooo close to being better!

I made a little pasta for dinner and then climbed into bed. I had cancelled plans to go away for the weekend and only had rest with the hopes of a walk on the schedule.

Saturday morning I woke up super congested and very agitated. I didn't get a restful sleep. And so I decided to stay in for the day. My walk would have to wait. If I was feeling better later I wanted to get out my winter clothes, but I would take it easy and just stay in bed as much as I could.

And so I put in dvd after dvd. They were light and silly and I was happy to laugh along. Mentally it was tough though. As much as I enjoyed my hours and hours of rest and laziness it was driving me crazy. How many days did the Former Fat Girl do this? Too many to count. Can I ever have a lazy day again without worrying that I will fall into old habits?

I enjoyed my movies very much, but I was itching to get out for a walk/run. I wanted to do SOMETHING.  But, I know my body. When I get sick like this it's generally from pure exhaustion. So I need to wait until I'm 100% to get back out there. Otherwise I will just have a set back. And that will drive me even more crazy.

For the most part I really wasn't hungry, but the laying around doing nothing was a trigger. I wanted food even though I didn't need it. I had to repeatedly remind myself that I wasn't really burning any calories. I couldn't eat my normal meals. I had to tone it down a little.

Sunday morning I woke up and practically jumped out of bed. I felt soooo much better. It worked! All of my rest paid off. I got ready and went to church. Then I stopped at the grocery store before heading to Starbucks. I woke up with an appetite. That's generally my big sign that I am getting better. HOLLA. So I got a multigrain bagel and iced green tea. When I was done I came home for some football. I was feeling good.

For dinner I went over to visit Grandmom. She made soup and had gotten some pork roll for me. Yum. The soup was delicious. Vegetables and ground bison. Very happy that she sent me home with a container. I was there a little while before I was hit with exhaustion again. I guess I wasn't 100% yet.

So this morning I got up and headed into the office. I grabbed my gym bag very optimistically. I would go light. I haven't worked out since the race. It's been a week. And I'm still on the weak side. I had hoped for either a light weights night or just a small walk on the treadmill. But, I saw a 4:30 meeting on my schedule and realized it probably wasn't going to happen. My meeting didn't let out until almost 6 and that's too late for me to head over. Besides, I spent all day talking and out of bed. Baby steps. We'll try again tomorrow.

The bonus in all of this is that I lost 3 lbs. #SilverLinings

Have a Blessed Night.

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