Thursday, September 12, 2013

Race Preparations

Hello Beautiful People,

Alright kids, I am tired. The race isn't until Sunday, but I'm not going to be home much for the next two days so I'm trying to get some stuff done and ready.

I'm leaving straight from work tomorrow night to go up to Scranton. I'm spending the night and bringing cousin Hannah back with me. We will be going straight to the Expo to pick up my race packet and let Hannah go wild with the running gear. haha. So I'm not sure what time I will be getting home Saturday.

I have to think ahead. I NEED to hydrate on Saturday so I've packed a few water bottles. I also packed a protein bar (even though we'll be getting samples there). 

Clothes wise I am packing comfortable sneakers. Not my running sneakers. I need to keep the tootsies safe.  Last year I wore jeans. I don't like to wear my exercise clothes if I am not exercising (I know how much I sweat in them), but I fear my sweatpants would make me too warm so I am breaking the rules and packing yoga pants.

Last night's workout was upper body. My running jersey is sleeveless and I want to make sure I got a good shoulder workout in. #SexyShoulders. Yesterday my hips were really bothering me. In fact, my right hip (my good hip) was tingling all day. So after my upper body workout I also did a lot of stretching of the hips. They felt So much better. So tonight was to be a light walk.  But, I got in a panic this morning. I need to run. I have to. I need to know that my knee is better (it popped back into place so it's felt much better). I needed to be confident that it's better. 13 miles is a long way to go if you are constantly worried about it hurting. I skipped my lunch hour and left work early to make sure I could relax about a run without getting aggravated sitting in traffic. I rocked out a nice run and felt really good. YEAH!

Every night this week I have gone in for a hydro massage. One day I did full body, but for the most part I have concentrated it on my legs and butt. I will NOT have a Hamstring repeat from the DC race. That was AWFUL and so painful. It hurt physically and mentally.   I love that about me now. The Former Fat Girl would have said NO MORE. But not anymore. Instead, I learn from the problems that I have and try to correct them for the next time.

Sunday will be a little chilly at the beginning. So tonight's run included running knee socks. I wanted to make sure that my feet weren't moving around. That could lead to blisters. I've walked in them previously and I've run in them in other sneakers. I needed to check. We're all good!  Plus, I seriously rock the knee socks!

Tonight's preparations also include: charging my camera, pulling out race day clothing, tweaking my running playlist, and prepping my post race bag.

Also high on that list is sleep. So on that note, I am going to call it a night.

ps-I have not forgotten that I owe you a Sweet Home Alabama post, but it requires thought. I promise it's coming.

Have a Blessed Night.

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