Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Boob Tube

Hello Beautiful People,

Welcome to the new Fall TV Line-up. The Former Fat Girl used to love this. What new wonderful TV shows did the Fall bring? Schedules would be drawn up so that she didn't miss anything. It was particularly distressing when two shows came on at the same time and she had to choose.

I do not have DVR and I fear that I would never leave my bed if I did. I have mentioned before how I used to record my soap operas. I could very easily spend every hour after school in front of the TV. And most days I did.

It seems like every year I seem to phase away from new shows. Last year I was super excited about one show. And I still love it, Elementary. But, it's on at 10 and I'm not good for 10pm shows. So more often then not I watch it later online or on-demand. 

This year I was shocked. There really wasn't any show that I am super excited about. In fact, there's no new show that I plan on watching. I have enjoyed Cold Justice on TNT, but I'll live if I don't watch it. Slowly, but surely, I seem to be phasing out shows. I don't have the premium channels so I don't watch the most talked about shows. And really there is no show that I can't wait until the next day or week to watch on-demand at this point. In fact, two shows that I do like are on tonight and I'm skipping them. I adore The New Girl and The Mindy Project. But, I missed them last week so I'll wait and catch up on them later.

It helps that there are so many Reality shows on and I'm not really a big fan. I like a few, but not too many. And I don't find myself stopping everything to watch. Honestly, I watch more sports than anything else.

Okay, so I am newly addicted to Castle, but that's on syndication and all over the place so I don't feel the need to watch the new ones the minute they come on. And again, that's another 10pm show. The Office is over. *Insert SAD face*. 

I like this. I like not feeling attached to my TV.  My summer workouts are so much better since I'm not generally worried getting home in time to get ready to watch a show.  And now it looks like it can continue. Don't get me wrong, I love a couple 8pm shows, The Big Bang Theory and I adore Hart of Dixie, but I can wait to watch them online.

That was another worry I had while I was sick and working from home. I didn't want to get hooked on daytime TV. No worries though, the only show I like during the day is Ellen. The rest I can do without. 

For the record, I am excited for whenever the new season of The Biggest Loser. I miss Bob Harper!

Besides giving up soda this is probably the biggest change for me.  This is what they mean by a lifestyle change. I'm not on a diet. I'm changing my lifestyle. 

Have a Blessed Night.

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