Thursday, September 5, 2013

Triggers: Food scented candles/lotions

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Well the good news is that there is a weather delay for the Ravens game tonight. I was going to rush this, but I guess I don't have to now. haha.

Okay, so lets start with how I felt today. STIFF. My routine is to workout at night after work, but when you do that you run the risk that you stiffen up during the night. If you have a good workout you still want to keep moving around.  Today was rough. I was very stiff for the first half of the day.

The Former Fat Girl would have said "That's my excuse to sit and do nothing. I'm too sore and stiff to do anything. I overdid it. I'll just sit her and eat a bag of chips/cookies. I earned it."

Another reason why I had a longer recovery today is because I basically took 3 weeks off for studying and recovery. I still worked out, but my frequency and intensity were no where near what I was used to. You're body responds if you go 2 weeks without the same activity/load. You can't just start back up where you left off. You have to cut back the intensity. My shorter run the night before was fine. I felt good. In my head I wanted a day in between, but logistically it was the only night this week I could get a long distance in. It had to be done.  I really needed another couple of 5 mile nights before I went for the 10.

*Just because I know I have finished these races before doesn't mean I can sit back and wait for it. My body still needs to be conditioned for it.

Tonight I made it a light night. I did a 15 minute walk in the treadmill than a few pull downs (lowering my weights from the last time which was 3 weeks before) and some mat work (push ups/abs). I finished the night with a water pressure massage on my legs and butt....ahhh...needed that.

DOH! The game has started...gotta wrap this up.

So I needed to walk at lunch today. No matter how sore I was. And first, let me just say that I needed to move, but there was some knee issues today too. I would do what I could for the muscles though. I got up and walked around as much as I could.

During lunch I went to the mall to walk.  I wanted to get some birthday cards and  so I would walk around.  I thought I might stop in at Bath and Body works for a wall plug in.  The Fall scents are out. They are all food scents. Pumpkins. Apple Pies. Cinnamon. Pecans. Cranberries. Cookies. Cakes. Is your mouth watering yet?

One of the first tips I gave in this blog was to Not Burn Candles That Smell Like Food. You don't need it. It's a trigger. You could be perfectly satisfied and not hungry. But, what happens when you smell something good? Your mouth waters and you want some. You don't need it. So don't do it.

And that goes for food scented lotions too. I like my coconut, but that doesn't make me hungry. That is a beach/relax trigger. That's a good trigger.

Alrighty kids, I want to watch the game. Catch ya tomorrow.

Have a Blessed Night.

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