Monday, September 16, 2013

Post Race - Part 1

Hello Beautiful People,

It was a wonderful and crazy weekend. I have so much to tell you and I had planned on writing all about it today.  But, the day got away from me. I took Hannah back home last night and drove back this morning (13.1 miles on my feet and 550 in the car in 3 days). I did make a stop at the gym for a hydro-massage on my way home (oh that was nice).

When I got home I had a list of things that I wanted to get done. At the top of the list was Rest...ironically that was one of the only things that didn't get done. I did get to some cleaning, laundry, and I managed to soak my feet. I also got to read a little during breakfast and my massage.

Trying to touch on everything that has happened during the last few days will take a while and as I sat down to start writing I got very sad news. One of my uncles has been very sick and he isn't getting better. There isn't much time left. So I've been crying for a couple of hours now.

I have a very large family. Most people aren't close with their second or third cousins, but my family is very close. My family is also full of athletes. We have swimmers, runners, basketball players, field hockey players, lacrosse players, football players, horseback riders, you name it. The Former Fat Girl was always jealous that she wasn't a part of it. Well things change.

A few days before the race I found out that two of my cousins were running too. I was excited on many levels. First, I wouldn't need to worry about Hannah during the race because she would be with family. Second, I felt like I finally fit in. My athlete family members would be cheering me on.

I haven't seen them in about 3 years I think. We all spent a day in Cape May together a few years ago.  It was so great to see them and make plans to run together in future races and around the park on weekends. I would be seeing them again next month for a family party, but sadly it looks like I will be seeing them for a sadder reason instead. I'm so glad we got to have a happy moment before the sad.

I'll tell you all about finding them in the sea of people and how wonderful it was when I actually saw them on the course on mile 5 and at the finish line when I write about the race.

Alright kids, I'm emotionally spent right now. I'm going to call it a night.

Have a Blessed Night.

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