Monday, September 9, 2013

Set Back with 6 days to go


Deep breaths. Okay, so this weekend I was feeling really good about my training.  Really good. My hips were a little aggravated last night, but not too bad. And I was proud of myself for not stopping at Dairy Queen.

So let's cut to today. I have been salivating thinking about my carb loading meals. I do believe I get wide eyed and some crazy evil laugh may escape every now and then. If I had a handlebar moustache I would be stroking it. I am going to bed dreaming of pancakes and macaroni and cheese.

Ms. Tracey and I went out for a walk at lunch. We were only out there for 30 minutes, but that's 30 minutes more than if I was sitting on my butt. It was a beautiful afternoon. I was glad we were out there enjoying the fresh air.

Then in the afternoon I was talking to a friend telling him about my run Saturday. I said that I keep flip flopping between playing it conservative this race and just trying to beat my time and stay injury free or going ALL IN BALLS OUT and push myself. I've been relatively injury free for a little while. *Yep, that was my jinx. Dang it.

I have four nights at the gym this week and 5 days of walking at lunch. Originally I was going to do that Turn the Riverfront Pink 5K for Breast Cancer Thursday night, but I am heading out of town Friday night to pick up Hannah. I can't be running around too much. It's killing me because it is such a great cause and SOOOOO much fun, but the weather for Thursday really looks crappy so I have to be smart too.  Severe thunderstorms and high humidity. I'll pass.

My plan for my 4 nights at the gym were to have 1 good run, 1 good walk, 1 small run with upper body weights, and 1 small walk with a good core workout. I also planned on a massage after each workout.

Tonight was pizza night so I thought I would make it my run night. That's my rule for having a slice. I also wanted to get out of there early because it's Monday Night Football. And so I did my warm up and started running. Feeling good. I was zoning and happy. And then BAM. The pull in my knee. *Grandmom cover your eyes* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU%&

I've had pulls before and I've been able to shake it off after walking a little bit first. Not tonight. I pulled my iliotibial band again. That's the ligament that runs from your hip to your knee. It's an overuse injury. I slammed my hand down on the treadmill and was pissed. I tried walking, but it didn't get better so I got off to rest it. I was not a happy camper walking back to the stretching area. You really didn't want to get in my way.

I found an empty mat by the wall and took it. I started my stretches with my calf stretch on the wall. I put my head against the wall and closed my eyes in frustration and the tears started. I was so mad. After I stretched my legs I wanted to do some mat work. I was alternating pike (straight arm plank) with Russian Twists. The problem was the every time I finished pike my knee pulled again. It was time to call it a night.

I practically slammed the lockers when I went into the locker room. I was ANGRY. I quickly regrouped and went in to my massage. I was going to keep it on my legs and butt. It's gonna get all sorts of personal right now, but when has that ever stopped me? haha. So one spot on my butt close to my right hip was especially tender. It was actually uncomfortable. Felt raw. I flipped on my side to see how far around it wrapped and I practically screamed. When the water hit my hip it felt like it hit a raw nerve. It physically made me cry. I flipped to the other side and the same thing happened.

It was a VERY frustrating night. I was not happy when I was leaving and I stood there at the table. I didn't get my full run in. I didn't hold up my part of the deal. I did get a run in. And I did work up a sweat. I was hungry. I was angry. I made the decision to take a small slice. I was okay with it because I knew that was the only thing that was going to keep me from the Wendy's drive thru. I know for sure I would have stopped. And I would have stuffed my face in my car in the parking lot. It was that rough of a night.

I feel like every time I get close to a race and feel good something like this happens. And I truly begin to wonder if the Former Fat Girl is trying to sabotage me. Is she trying to set me up for a failure?   I know this is an overuse injury. I know that I will be fine from it in a few days. But OMG this is killing me. Just when I feel really good about my progress and feel like I could have a huge personal best for myself this happens. So no matter what, every time I attempt to run this Sunday I am going to have that voice in the back of my head "what if you hurt yourself?"

I was happy last weekend saying how my knee didn't look that swollen. Of course that was before my big training week. Well not tonight. It was back and better than ever. Argh. Tomorrow will be a walk and upper body workout. And Wednesday I may take off and go to church instead. I may need that.

So the good news of the night is that my earrings came today. On Friday I ordered a pair of dangling Guitar earrings to wear for the race...that's pretty Rock'n'Roll right? haha. They are pretty cute. I needed that. It made me feel better. The other good news is that when I came home I did have lots of vegetables. It was not a pizza only night.

And so now I am going to do some more stretching.

Have a Blessed Night.

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