Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Random Wednesday: Post Race - Part 3

It's Random Wedneday Hola!

So tonight I was originally set to go to Church. I love that my new church extended their Wednesday services. That was before I was feeling not so hot. The scratchy throat is going away, but the sneezing and stuffiness has started. Normally I would toughen up and go, but if I will be going to a memorial service/funeral soon I need to be feeling a little better. And so I came home for rest and more popsicles (already had two).


Friday night I left work and headed straight up to the mountains. I was spending the night and bringing cousin Hannah back for the race. It was a 2 hour ride no traffic, but it was Friday night. My bladder was about to burst so I stopped at a travel plaza. I am not one to use a bathroom without buying something. So dang it, I got a grilled chicken wrap from Burger King. I'll be happy that it was a decent option, but I'm annoyed at how many times I have eaten fast food this year. I was doing so well.


I was hoping to meet up with Ms. Carol and her girls for lunch on Monday when I took Hannah back, but instead we decided that I would come up for a long weekend in October...for the Apple and Cheese Festival!  I can only say that it sounds like heaven. Is there any better festival?  Apple and CHEEEESE!


When I arrived at the house dinner was ready. Mr. Henry has outdone himself again. There was roasted chicken, potatoes, and an amazing stewed cabbage. I'm not sure what the cabbage was marinated in, but I want to marry it. It was unbelievably delicious.

Naturally I was in a panic all day Saturday that I would be gassy.  Good News: I was okay.

For dessert we had haagen dazs. I had half vanilla and half coffee. YUM.


I forgot to mention that when I left work it was nice and hot. I was wearing a pretty purple sundress (for Purple Friday...Holla for the Ravens win!) and jean jacket. When I got out to go to the bathroom it was 80 billion below zero...well that's what it felt like. So my brain is running all over the place about being too cold on Sunday for the race. Ack!  What would I do?


While I was there we discovered that our cousins Laura and Tommy would be running on Sunday too. YEAH! That was so exciting. Hannah would have family to hang with during the race and I would have more family to hug at the finish line.


Saturday morning we got up and on the road fairly early. We made one potty stop which happened to have a Starbucks..shocking...I didn't want a lot of caffeine. I didn't want to worry about staying up that night. But, I needed some to wake me up for the rest of the drive.

Very excited to see the Salted Caramel Mocha back on the board. YES PLEASE!  If only...what she made me was a Salted Caramel the same. I didn't really want to wait around for her to fix it. It wasn't just wasn't mocha.


Hannah and I got to the Expo at a decent time. We decided to go in before we went for lunch. The plan was to stay for 2 was more like 3..doh. Too much to see!  By the time we left I was STARVING. So we went across the street to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch. I wanted french toast, but we decided on Mac'n'cheese and chicken tenders for dinner so instead I got a breakfast sandwich. I got an english muffin with egg, cheese, and pork roll...mmm...and a hash brown. You know, carbs and all.

*We opted for the Dinosaur nuggets at dinner


After we picked up my race packet we walked into the expo and right to the race goodies. I saw a shirt that I loved immediately. It was a running shirt with a logo that I loved. But, I would wait and see if I still wanted it later.

So then we walked over to the Brooks Run Happy Island. They had a mechanical shoe, like a mechanical bull, and some other things. We wanted that sneaker though!  The line was long. So we went back in and I looked at the shirts again. I found a men's long sleeve shirt that I loved too and so I tried them on. The men's shirt won. I would wear that one more often.

Then we headed back and got in line. I saw people falling off of the shoe left and right. It didn't look that bad, how could these people not stay on?  I worried about my ankle, but dang it, I wanted to do it. 

Hannah went first. She rocked. She didn't fall off. Challenge received.

I wasn't sure I could climb on by myself. The guy offered to kneel down and let me step on his knee. When I got on I felt like my hips were going to dislocate. I do not have long legs. But they are strong. All of those leg presses paid off. I was not thrown off either! GO ME!


During the days leading up to the race I discovered Dr. Dribble. He liked a bunch of my pictures on instagram. So I followed him. Dude has run half and full marathons while dribbling 2 basketballs. He's fun to follow.


We did well at the expo. Of course we hit up the freebies. Hannah got a free Brooks t-shirt. I got a free Brooks bag. Then we went to one table and I won a blinker. Woo Woo. I can hook it to my clothes and it's a light that will blink in the dark for me. 

One of the things on my list was to renew my Women's Running magazine. Last year I subscribed while I was there and got a free shirt. This year I got a sweeeet headband. It's my new favorite.


It was a great day and Hannah and I were beat. Seriously, we were tired at 3pm. No worries about falling asleep. We did our nails and watched Golden Girls. It was a wonderful Girls Night. :-) 

See ya at 4am Hannah!

Have a Blessed Night.

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