Thursday, October 2, 2014

We could all learn from the Girls on the Run lessons

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

So we have now met for 4 sessions of Girls on the Run. 15 girls. 2 coaches. 75 minutes of confidence building and running. I am having a blast. And I am proud to note, I know all of the girls' names.

After the second session I happily took the lead. I have a little more time to prepare and I am happy to do so.

This is not a running program. It is a program designed to build confidence in young girls. It is a program designed to help young girls be themselves. It is a programed designed to help young girls make healthy and positive choices.  It is a program that women of all ages could use.

Tuesday's lesson was about the Star Within. We talked about how our inner star makes us feel and ways that we can make it shine. I loved this lesson. It made me think about every finish line I have ever crossed and how that has made me feel. That star within is burning BRIGHT.

Today's lesson was about Negative and Positive talk. We talked about those thoughts and words that we say about ourselves that are negative. I am can't do that. I don't like my body. I am not good at that.

We need to get rid of the negative. Make everything positive. All afternoon I kept thinking of the Toys R Us commercials "Turn that frown upside down."

How many times had I told myself over the years that I wasn't good enough at something? Too many to count. That was pretty much a permanent thought in my brain. It was practically tattooed on my brain.

Today those thoughts still rent space in there, but I'm getting better and better at evicting them. I totally have Girls on the Run Spirit!

Before I go, here is my cute GOTRism for the day. This is also courtesy of Miss McKenzie (age 8).

Miss McKenzie: My mom packed me an apple for my snack. It was so delicious (clasping her hands and throwing her head back in delight). They are honey crisp apples. We got a bunch of them. OMG!  What if she makes a pie???? (she was literally jumping up and down covering her mouth with excitement).

For her sake, I hope her mom does. She's too cute.

Have a Blessed Evening.

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