Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Walk to end Hunger

Happy Tuesday Bleeps,

This weekend Ms. Amy and I will participating in the Crop Walk to end hunger with my church.I am proud to be a part of this.

I work very hard these days to pay attention to my portion sizes. It's obscene how much the Former Fat Girl used to eat. She seriously could have fed a village from her daily portions. When I throw out food, it feels like such a waste. People all over the world go to bed hungry. I abused food and my body. It's time to give back.

In some countries women walk 3 hours to dig for water. Then they have to carry it back home. These days can last 11 hours. Young girls are pulled from school to help.  The water is so limited that they sacrifice sanitation. They can't clean themselves properly.  When young ladies get their lady gift they must stay home from school because they can't clean themselves.

We take so many things for granted. How can we live in a world where everything is Instant and yet people still live like this?

This makes me physically ill to think about.  Amazingly $6000 will build a wall that will help these women collect water right near their village in 30 minutes.  Their quality of life will greatly improve. They will be able to plant a vegetable garden. Young girls will not need to miss school.

It's just plain crazy to think that it will take 30 minutes to collect water for the day. We have such access to it. It makes me very aware of just how much water I use throughout the day.

So here is my challenge to you: Think about the meals you ate last week. If you finished a meal and felt so full that you wanted to unbutton your pants, then please make a pledge of $5 to the cause


Have a Blessed Evening.

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