Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Random Wednesday: GOTR, Shirtless football, and a new friend

Happy Random Wednesday Y'All,

Have I mentioned how much I love being a part of Girls on the Run?  This week we talked about our emotions and tomorrow we talk about healthy options including nutrition. I couldn't be more excited. They are mighty energetic let me tell ya.


I was with one of my client's yesterday. We have had 11 sessions together. I asked her if she's seen any changes in her body yet. I can see an amazing transformation in her progress. She said she hadn't yet, but she is about to start Weight Watchers to help.

She HAS seen other changes though. The simple act of bending down to pet her dog doesn't require leaning on something for balance. She has more energy. She can walk a lot more. She doesn't hurt bending over anymore. Her daily life has drastically improved with just 3 hours a week.

It's Amazing what a little activity will do for a person :-)


The other day I was in line at the checkout. There were two magazine headlines that caught my attention:

Shake off 55 lbs - energy boosting shakes

Drop 10 lbs FAST!

I have a headline for ya: Fast and Easy are not the way to go!

But I suppose you won't sell any magazines with the headline: Eating Proper Nutrition and working out regularly will lead to a better life.


I picked up a really cute workout top at Walmart. They carry Danskin. Cute and reasonably priced.


So I haven't watched The Biggest Loser this year. How is it?  I miss Bob and Dolvett.  I will try and catch up, but I have no idea when.


Last week I was in the park when the most glorious thing happened. After my first lap I noticed the soccer field was filling up with these incredibly built and good looking guys. On the second lap a football game broke out...shirts vs. Skins! WHAT?  I think God was rewarding me because I didn't want to be there, but I went anyway.

On my last lap they disappeared. I started to wonder if it was a mirage. Was I dehydrated and hallucinating?

I made a new friend today! No, it wasn't Tony Stewart...I would still like for a call though :-)

I met a woman at the park today. She was so excited that she was running that she had to share. It had been years since she ran. She went out yesterday and ran .5 miles. Today she finished 2.5. I ran a lap with her and we got to talking.

She used to be very active and then she had kids.  Her youngest kid is 3 now and she hasn't gotten back on track. She didn't care how long it was taking her, she was just super happy that she was doing it. I was practically crying I was so happy for her.

She took my number and we made tentative plans to meet up there on Friday.

Have a Blessed Evening.

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