Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Random Wednesday: Phoebe, GOTR, and Wawa

Happy Random Wednesday,

Well I went for a run yesterday. It was my first run in 10 days. I felt okay. The knee didn't hurt. I struggled a little though. Today I went to the park and met up with new Running Buddy. I ran a little and walked a little. I didn't want to push it. Glad I didn't. Guess what hurts. DANG IT!


I couple of times this week I haven't gotten my water in completely. They have resulted in headaches.


The other day one of my favorite episodes of Friends was on. It was the episode where Phoebe and Rachel go running through the park. Phoebe embarrasses Rachel because she runs like a kid flailing her arms. I want to run like that sometimes.


So I have noticed that a lot of the fast food places are listing their calories on the menu. I applaud this. And I am horrified by their customers. How can you see that something is 1200 calories and still order it?


I got complimented on my incredibly toned and fit ankles today. haha 


My Girls are the Run girls are starting to worry me. They don't seem to know the idea of pacing. They run as fast as they can for 30 seconds and then collapse for 2 minutes in exhaustion. They may take a day to complete the 5k in 6 weeks. I should probably ask if there is a time limit.

So one of the sponsors has donated some gently used sneakers for girls that can't afford a new pair.  If we noticed that a girl is in need of a new pair and her family is not in the position to buy a new pair then we should get their size and submit it. The sweet thing is that they suggest that we tell the girl that she won a drawing for a new pair. I could not be prouder to be a member of this organization.

I did submit a girl's size so hopefully they will have her size left.


I had the best surprise this week. A friend was up north and texted that he was at a Wawa. What could he bring me. HOLLA!  Soft pretzel and krimpets!  Oh I'm a happy camper.

Have a Blessed Evening.

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