Sunday, October 5, 2014

My new Ambition: America's Next Top Model

Happy Sunday Bleeps,

Friday was a relaxing day for me. My calves had been super tight so I went for a spa pedicure. It was lovely. The massage on my calves and feet were delicious.  It was so needed. I shall treat myself every month until the Marathon.

Immediately after I headed over to Ms. Marisol's. She needed to be home for some things and wanted to test out some settings on her camera. I was to play the role of Model for the day. Oh boy. I was equally excited and terrified.

Ms. Marisol is a fantastic photographer. I have enjoyed seeing her photos over the years. I couldn't wait to see what she could do with me, but I was also a little scared. I love taking my picture. I love seeing the new me. But, generally I have control of that situation.

Sadly it had started to rain right after I arrived. Denied!

 We took a few shots standing on her doorstep. When I looked at them I was amazed at how small I looked. Now I was super sad at the rain. Booo...go away!

For the next couple of hours we sat on her couch talking and drinking warm beverages while she took picture after picture of me talking and drinking coffee.  They were just to play around with settings and for the most part I hated most of them. Generally I was in my sentence and they just weren't flattering. Plus I was sitting with my knees in my chest.  We did like this one though.

First off, you can see my new manicure too. I got a nice pink for my Race for the Cure in the morning. Now as you can see, I am wearing some workout clothes. I thought we were just working with lighting. I didn't hear Ms. Marisol say "Do it up Pretty!".

After a little while we were free to head outside for some more photos. So we raided a closet. We found a pretty top and headed out. Now let me also say that along with my workout clothes I was also wearing a sports bra. So it made it a little difficult.

Our first stop was this awesome little tree lined side road. We were having some fun. But, you know how you think you are looking awesome and then you see yourself and you are not that great? Well that was how it went. My "sexy" looks weren't that sexy. I was trying to hard. They were forced.

It was hard to take when she was upset with a picture. Even though the cause was that the lighting was wrong or I was blurry, I was always nervous that it was me that was wrong.

I also kept hearing "Your pants are killing me!".  The top we picked was a black with a black and tan ruffle. I was wearing black yoga pants. I knew they weren't fantastic, but I didn't think they were that bad. It wasn't until we went to our next location and I saw one of the pictures that I saw what she was talking about. I had completely forgotten that the top band of the pants were yellow.  Oops.

It just reminded me of the Former Fat Girl pictures...that yellow band was her fat. She forgot about it until she looked at the pictures. That's how the failed "sexy" pictures were too. I thought I was looking sexy for very model like in these pictures. Instead they were epic fails. The Former Fat Girl thought she looked good when posing for photos. She didn't.

Some of my favorite pictures were candid ones. I definitely liked my smile and laughing pictures better than my serious. There's a deep thought in there somewhere.

When we started to lose the sun and I had been bitten about a hundred times by mosquitoes we headed back to the house. The side of the house is brick and another great spot for some close ups.

The first one was for me to press my butt and shoulders against the brick and push my chest out...I think I pulled a muscle. I have a much shorter torso that most people so I couldn't quite pull this off. I will work on it though.

Luckily my shoulder looks nice...but there is that pesky bra strap. Once again my favorite picture here was me laughing. I cannot get enough of pictures where I am super happy.

In all we took 175 photos. We deleted 125 of them. There was a whole bunch of "UGH DELETE!" when we were going through them. That's never a good thing, but that happens in professional shoots with real models too. It was all worth it when we could land on a picture that I loved.

I can't thank Ms. Marisol enough for this. I totally volunteered for another shoot. Don't worry, I've spent hours in front of the mirror this weekend working on my faces and poses. :-)

Have a Blessed Evening

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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