Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Random Wednesday: Outback, Giada, and BBQ

Happy Random Wednesday Yo!

We have a family dinner at Outback tonight...mmm...Outback. So I got online and looked at the menu. I have selected the grilled chicken, seasoned veggies, and sweet potato...can't wait.


I forgot to include this in my Cape May post. I was there with 3 young ladies in bikinis. That was a little rough on the ego. No matter how hard I work, I will never have that 18 yr old body again.


I was at the used bookstore of my favorite places...and just as I was leaving I found a Giada cookbook. It was a little pricier than I like to pay in the bookstore, but then again the real price was pretty hefty. I'm very excited.

Giada's Feel Good Food

I fell in love almost every recipe. I am so anxious to get started. Best $15 in credit ever!

I will share one of her tips on sweets. She suggest frozen sweets. Frozen berries. Frozen grapes. Frozen chocolate chips.

It satisfies the sweet cravings and keeps you from overindulging. On a side note, I absolutely LOVE frozen grapes. Such an awesome treat on a hot day.


I am on the hunt for a really good backpack. I found a nice one at Kohl's on sale for $45. I want it to use as my gym bag and my gym equipment bag. I love my gym bag, but straps on one shoulder are my enemy.


My name is Jennie and I am addicted to Crystal Light Peach Mango Green Tea....seriously, if it ever goes away I will lose my mind.


When I went to Cape May I forgot to pack my manly deodorant for my running. So I used my travel stick, Dove Cucumber Fresh. I smelled like cucumbers the whole time.


I started a new Push Up challenge today. I am also on day 3 of an Ab challenge and a Squat challenge.


When I go to the Used Bookstore I tend to go on Tuesday because it's across the street from my favorite BBQ spot. Tuesdays are when my pulled pork sandwiches are on special.  Ironically I made note that there is a Subway in the same shopping center as the bookstore, but I have never gone there because I always get BBQ.

And on that note, Tony Stewart has his own BBQ sauce...we were made for each other. Tony Stewart CALL ME!


Today on the radio I heard the DJ saying that her son asked her to cancel his gym membership because the gym is too girly. He wants a manly gym. When she called the person asked if she wanted to cancel her membership too. She had to think about when was the last time that she went. It had been over a year. I applauded her decision not to cancel because she plans to go. But, don't throw your money away. If you are paying every month GO USE THE FACILITIES


I have actually joined 2 100 mile July groups on Facebook. One counts bike and cross training also. So I am going to keep one as running only and one as a full workout compilation. I am happy to say that I invited a bunch of friends to join and they did. I have also become friends with others who have been mutually supportive in June.

If you want to join please do. It's not too late:

Trainer's Tip

It is important to workout opposing muscles. If you lift weights for your biceps then you must do the same for your triceps. If you work you chest, then you must work your back. Otherwise you face muscle imbalance. It's not good for posture and increases risk of injury.

Have a Blessed Night

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