Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Miss Cassidy's First Birthday - Weekend with my family

Happy Tuesday Bleeps,

Sorry it's been so long, but it was a travel weekend. Well the weekend started on Friday. I went outside for 8 miles. They were hot hot HOT miles. And then I celebrated with a couple of hours at the pool. All of those hours in the sun drained me for the night. I was pretty much a slug on the couch.

Saturday we got up and headed up for Miss Cassidy's First Birthday party. YEAH!. She's such a cutie pie. I had originally planned on a quick run before we got on the road, but as I was a slug the night before I didn't pack. So that plan was nixed. It became a new day off.

The party was lovely and it was great to see my family. I love them so much and miss them. There was some yummy fruit, homemade hummus, and a really nice bean salsa. The favors were mason jars that we could put our name on. Perfect for the lemon/lime water.

In true family form, the party's official end time was 2pm. We didn't leave until almost 9pm. It was a long day. We took grandmom home. She had been in Maine with one of my Aunt's for a few weeks. She lives across the street from my church and a couple of blocks from my park...and Starbucks.


The scenario for Sunday is that we had one car (grandmom's was being worked on) and there were thunderstorms expected around noon. So I had two options: 1) go for a run early and then walk over to church at 11 or 2) drive to church at 9 and not run. I was planning on option 1. And then when I woke up it looked like end of the world. So instead I chose option 2.

I thought for sure the sky would open up while I was in church, but alas it did not. So while mom and grandmom went to church, I walked to Starbucks, to get a little mileage in, and met up with Heather. For a visual reference I will say that I was wearing my sweatpants because I was going to be there for a while and it gets so dang cold. But, it was hot out. I looked like I was in my pjs doing the Sunday morning walk of shame. haha .

I got my Peach Green Tea Lemonade...ahhh...Heather and I visited and talked about upcoming races and our training....and our pain. lol. And then my friend Pam came in. I got to visit with her a little too. That was funny because I happened to see her at Starbucks one year ago on the day that Cassidy was born. I saw her before I went to the hospital.

After a little while I walked over to grab lunch with mom and grandmom. I was a little hungry. I didn't really eat that much at the party. I grazed, but I didn't really have full meals.  I ended up getting a short stack of strawberry pancakes...there were so many strawberries they were falling out. It was heaven.

Then I went to another Starbucks to visit with Ms. Bibble.  It was great to see her up and so mobile...and she drove! YEAH! So proud of her progress. We visited for a little while and then walked across the parking lot to a shoe store to look at some sneakers. I ended up getting a new pair of Nike slides. That was on my list for a long time and they were on sale so yeah! My old ones were so worn on the bottom. I even threw them out already. I am so proud. No holding on to them "just in case" or giving them away. I replaced them for a reason.


Monday morning I went over to the park. It was Hot. Hot. Hot. I squeaked in 3 miles. As hot as it was I was pretty impressed that there were so many people going around the track. I counted 10 during my time. I was a nasty soaking mess though when I was done. Ick. I couldn't go any longer because we had lunch plans with Ms. Bibble. Also I was melting.

We went to a new place. It's called Not Your Average Joe. They make everything from scratch. I ordered a yummy Tuscan chicken sandwich. I asked for a multi-grain roll, but they didn't have any made yet. it's okay. I only ate half of the roll anyway. The sandwich had a nice slice of chicken, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and a balsamic dressing. I also substituted organic greens for french fries. It was delightful and filling.


So today I considered a run before we got on the road to come back, but I opted against it. My hips have been bothering me and I didn't want to run then sit in a car for 3 hours. If I run before a trip I like to have a couple hours in between the two. The whole drive I was wishing I had done it before. But, as soon as we got in I unloaded the car and went straight to the fitness center. I knocked out 6 miles and my abs/squats programs despite my ipod battery dying...boo.

I had two rest days. I needed to get back on track.

Have a Blessed Night

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