Monday, July 28, 2014

#MarathonTraining - Believing in Myself

Hello Beautiful People,

Today was another good day. It was a great day. I wasn't excited about it though. It was Distance Day. 

Yesterday was Rest Day. I cannot stress how much my body enjoys Rest day. I try to schedule my Distance days after my rest days. And last week I decided to make them in the afternoon. That way I can get some stuff done in the morning. I am generally done for the day afterwards.

This is good and bad. It's good because in addition to breakfast, I also have a protein packed lunch in my belly. So I'm not as hungry afterwards. It's bad because it gives me the morning to say "oh man I really don't want to do this".  I know I can, but my body just sort of doesn't.

I have been pretty happy to be injury free so far. But this past week I have had a sore foot. Surpise. It's not sore all of the time, but it's there. Today as I was walking to the fitness center my foot hurt and my calf hurt. I figured I wouldn't make it. I wanted 16 today, but I would be happy with 13. Maybe 10.

I want the distance, but I don't want any setbacks. Injuries are not my friend. Once I got started though, I didn't feel a thing. 16 was back on the table.

The first 8 I was pushing. I wasn't sure I would make it, but crossing that halfway mark was magical. My body just said "We're going to do this!" When I hit the 10 mile mark I slowed my pace for a mile. I ate a protein bar. I relaxed. When the mile was over I picked the pace right back up. I was feeling good.

The problem that I have been dealing with on distances, no matter how much I pump my arms, is that my fingers start to swell. I try to just raise them over my head and let the blood drain out of them. Today the fitness center was packed. I felt bad for everyone around me every time I lifted my arms. I felt like they could smell my stink. I was a Sweat Machine!

I hit 13 with no problem. 3 more to go. Miles 12-16 were my fastest pace. I felt great. So good that I added another mile. I did slow it down for 17, but I still hit it.

Why was this so much easier than last week's 15? Because I knew I could do 15 this week. I paced myself differently. I believed in myself so much more this time. I felt good enough after 17 that I could have easily have gone another mile or two no problem. Possibly 3.

I have put the mileage in. I am finally starting to feel like I have this. We are just over 4 months away. I am really feeling like I can do this. Last week when I finished 15 I was happy and then I was in a panic. 11 more felt so far away. Today 9 more feels so much better. My goal is to have several distance days of 26 so that I will KNOW that I can do it.

Believing in Yourself makes all of the difference!

Have a Blessed Night

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