Sunday, July 6, 2014

A much needed Rest Day

Happy Sunday Bleeps,

Today is a Rest Day and I am quite happy.  Well my legs are quite happy.  Although it's killing me not to get out there. It was sooooo beautiful this morning. When I was driving back from Church I lost track of the number of people I saw outside running. I was actually glad that the NASCAR race was scheduled for 11am. It gave me a reason to stay in.

I really do struggle with Rest days. Even though my body rejoices, my anxiety gets the better of me. I know I just blogged about last week, but I really really struggle. I have such a fear of falling back into old habits that I tend to forget that Rest is required. As a trainer I stress that to clients. I'm my own worst client sometimes. But, when you have the history that I do, you will always worry about it.

I did treat myself yesterday. I gave myself a much needed pedicure. My feet needed some pampering. 

Okay so in reality, it wasn't a total Rest day. My push up program was today. As was my ab and squat challenge. To compensate I did 20 minutes of stretching afterwards.

My rest days also mean that I have to be extra careful with my food intake. My metabolism is higher, but on rest days I am not burning extra calories.

For breakfast I had multigrain cheerios with skim milk.

For lunch I had chicken, hummus, and spinach on whole wheat. Carrots and hummus. Edemame. And a Peach. It was so yummy. 

I am still drinking my water.  So far I'm doing well today. It just has to carry on for dinner.

The good news is that I have plenty to do today, but I really am trying to keep it to a rest day. It doesn't help if I exhaust myself lifting things. I am organizing a few things. I am watching the race (Tony Stewart was a casualty in the first wreck...*sad face*). I have some books that I want to read. I started one at the pool yesterday and it's good. Plus I think that I am FINALLY going to get Fault In Our Stars from the library this week. I am 9th in line. They have 22 copies. I have been on the list since the middle of April. Since I only get it for 7 days and won't be able to renew it, everyone is on notice that I am going into hiding as soon as I get it. haha. Of course we are traveling for Miss Cassidy's first birthday party next weekend naturally.  It's ok.
Happy Rest Day Everyone! 


Trainer's Tip

Right now I am Progressive Training for squats and abs. Every day for 3-4 days I increase my reps. On day 4-5 I rest. Be realistic with your numbers. If you can only handle adding 2-3 then stick to it. If you struggle then don't move forward until you are comfortable.

Have a Blessed Night

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