Thursday, June 5, 2014

Second Chances

Hello Beautiful People,

I have been staying with my mom for the past couple of weeks. She lives in a beautiful complex that we moved into my year after college.  It's been wonderful and a little sad.

For a whole year after college I lived here and didn't appreciate it. There is a decent fitness center that I believe I rarely went to. There is a swimming pool that this Sun Goddess should have gone to every chance she got.   The reality though, is that the Former Fat Girl just didn't do anything other than work, read, watch movies, and eat.

As most of you know, I gained my fair share of weight in college.  The summer after graduation I lived in D.C. I didn't lose all of the weight that summer, but I did shed some pounds. I had very little money and even though I loved the Metro System, walking was cheaper. I walked as much as I could. I also didn't go out to eat. While the food I ate was cheap it wasn't exactly healthy. Lots of mac'n'cheese and hot dogs. Thank goodness for the walking.

So that summer I lost a few pounds and then I moved to the suburbs in Virginia. The first couple of months I lived in my Aunt's basement. Almost every night when I came home I would go for a walk. It was nice. I sat all day and my commute was forever. So walking was nice. And then we moved in November to the new place. So it's starting to get dark at night and I have a new place to live. Why didn't I move my walk to the treadmill in the fitness center? I have no idea.

The girl who LOVES the sun also had access to a wonderful pool. She could have spent every weekend basking in the sun. Did she? Nope. She was there a couple of times, but she was gaining weight again and didn't want to be putting that fat out there.

These past couple of weeks have been awesome. I haven't been to the Fitness Center though. It's okay since I have been hitting up the jogging trail. I have been enjoying the Lake that the trail is around. I have seen turtles, Blue Jays, and Orioles. I have spent time out in the sun and breathing fresh air.

I have even enjoyed the pool a few times. Ahhh...

So I mentioned earlier that one of the things that the Former Fat Girl did was eat. And one of her favorite places was called Hunter's Mill. The only thing she ate there were ruebens.  They were the most amazing reuben sandwiches. She would eat there at least once a week. Sometimes twice. Oh and she got french fries too. She LOVED those reubens.

This place is the type of place that you can smell all through the parking lot. Your mouth just starts salivating as soon as you are in the area. I have avoided going there for a long time. I've been scared of it. Could I go and survive?  Well we tested it out last week.

I had to look at the menu for about 10 minutes because I had literally only ever had a reuben. They had stuff from the grill, subs (not hoagies *insert sad face*), salads, sandwiches and wraps. I opted for a Chicken Wrap. I felt good that I stayed away from the grill. Although I was a little annoyed that the wraps were labeled "Healthy Wraps" when they were full of mayo and ranch dressing. Mine was a chicken salad with cucumbers, avocados, and spinach. The next time I will get one of the chicken wraps without the dressing.

It makes me sad to think of the year wasted way back when, but no looking back. It's just time to make the best of Today! I feel like I'm living a Second Chance.

Have a Blessed Evening

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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