Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recap: My Trip to North Carolina

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Well it's been an eventful week. Thursday night I applied for 10 Personal Trainer positions in Charlotte. By 10 the next morning I had a call. Could I come down for an interview Monday? YOU BETCHA!

I had plans to workout Friday, but they quickly changed as I realized that I didn't have anything to wear. So I went shopping. And then there was a Happy Hour. Pomegranate Margarita.

Saturday I went to Baltimore. Sunday I got on the road after church.

My plans were to leave Tuesday unless I heard from someone else.

My drive down Sunday was fun. It was a very different drive for me. Previously the 6 hour drive would be made with the I-want-to-get-there-in-as-little-time-as-possible-mode. This time was different. I didn't want to be bloated. I didn't want my knee to hurt. I drank so much water. I stopped 5 times. It took me a little longer to get there. Plus I stopped for a Subway dinner stop. But, when I arrived I was in great shape. I did need to stretch though.

So Monday came and it was Push up day. I did my program and some crunches. I went in to my old office to have lunch and visit. We hadn't decided where to go. My only stipulation was that I wouldn't smell like food after. I was going straight to my interview. They selected Jimmy Johns. I had never been, but was told "just don't get onions and you'll be fine". Okay then.  I don't remember the name of my sandwich, but it had turkey, avocado, and tomato. I asked them to hold the mayo. It was good. I just didn't love the bread, but we Philly peeps are picky about our rolls.

The interview went well and I was told that they would be having follow up interviews with the regional manager later in the week. 

So I went to another gym and went for a run. I liked the set up, except that there was no fan. Ugh...a little hot. I got in 6 miles and then I went to shower. I LIKED the big giant showers there...very nice.

After the gym two of my Charlotte Besties, Ms. Amy and Ms. Crystal, and I went out to dinner. One of our favorite spots: Chili's. We like the margaritas. Although I didn't see a skinny on the menu. So I splurged on a watermelon lemonade instead. There was no rhyme or reason for that. The whole point of the skinny margarita is to eliminate the sugar and we all know there was sugar in this drink. But they had me at watermelon.

Ms. Crystal and I shared a 2 for $20. We ordered the half size chipotle flatbread as our starter. It was good, but a little spicy. My entree was the:

Ms. Crystal took a shower...I didn't realize we were doing that so I was a sweaty mess and a hungry sweaty mess. We stopped at Subway on the way home. 

Wednesday was another Push Up day. I felt good and strong. I had time to kill before the interview and the one thing that I wanted to do during my whole visit was to hit up the park that I used to go to. There is a shopping center with a pond in the middle. There are paddle boats, ducks, fountains, and even a small boardwalk area. The Former Fat girl spent a LOT of time there. It started as an option other than the gym for a good walk after work. And then it was a great place to get a tan on the weekend while walking. She LOVED it there. She logged a lot of miles. It's about a mile track all of the way around. It's not a complete circle so you need to improvise.

I was excited to go back. I packed some water and headed out. It was beautiful. It was hot and sunny and beautiful. I wish there was a bathroom, but if you are there when the stores are open that's not a problem. I also wish there weren't so many Canadian Geese. There were two sections with them walking around and hissing. Those aren't my favorite spots. Plus it smells a little. But, I was on a mission.

Quick story about the geese. On my last loop just as I had passed them a cute boy with a dog the size of a bear was walking towards me. When I got to the other side of the pond I looked over. All of the geese were in the water. Note to self: Bring a cute boy with a big dog next time. haha. 

My plan was to run, but I had in my head that it was an asphalt trail. It was sidewalk. No running on concrete!  So I turned it into a 5 mile fast walk. It was great. It was a little therapeutic. It was nice to think about how far I have come since the first time I was there. I needed that.

Afterwards I went back and showered. It was time to go. The gym is next to a Super Walmart with a Subway. It seems to have been a Subway week for me. I got a footlong ham on flatbread and had them wrap it separately. I quickly ate half and then kept the other half to eat at a rest stop on the way home.

I think the interview went well. I will know shortly. I don't want to jinx anything. If I get it then it's great. If I don't then at least I know there was interest in me and that I got the push that I needed to get back down to NC.

I did get a blister on the back of my heel walking from my car to the gym though. Grr. So no running for a day or two. I need to find my blister band-aids.

I drank more water on the way home. This time I was a little bloated from the morning's 5 miles and the heat. I hit 100 oz before Virginia. I also got nailed with some big storms.

I will say that a 7 hour trip is a long time right after an interview. There was a lot of replaying. Maybe I should have said this or that. Grr...time with my brain is dangerous sometimes.

I got back to Virginia late and fell asleep before I could finish my book. Today I was exhausted. I have a blister and it was rainy. So it was a yoga read day. Ahh...

In case you've missed it: I Heart NC!

Have a Blessed Night

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