Thursday, June 19, 2014

Random Wednesday so Random it's Thursday

Happy Random Wednesday on a Thursday,

I had really hoped to write a post yesterday, but I got a little wiped out.

I was feeling a little better when I got up. I got myself together and decided to try and get a walk in. I wasn't quite as well as I had hoped and needed my inhaler after 1 mile. I forced 2 more and then I was done for the rest of the day. Very disappointing, but glad that I at least got 3 miles in. I spent the evening finishing my book out on the patio. It was relaxation time.


I have been enjoying putting roasted red pepper hummus on my chicken sandwiches. I never eat mayo any more, but I had been using mustard. This is definitely an even better flavor. Plus it's another veggie :-)


Today I went to the grocery store. I caved and bought a Twix. I have been really good for a while. I wanted a treat. I also happened to be wearing white shorts. Take a guess at what happened. If you said "you got chocolate on your white shorts" then you win. Grr...


I am enjoying the Fitbit, but it's not very nice when you are sick and not moving.

Anyway, it's frustrated me a little when I know for certain that I have walked more than it has recorded. It tracks the swing of your wrist. So if I'm running or walking with a bottle of water in that hand it's not moving as much. If I'm pushing a shopping cart or holding a bag it's not capturing all of the steps. It's okay now that I have figured this out. I just swing my arm until I hit the steps that I should have.


For the past few weeks I have gone to happy hour with my mom and some of the other teachers on Fridays. Yes, they are still in school. I have been good with my drinks limiting it to just one. It's the food that hasn't been so great. But, we get what's on special. It hasn't been horrible since I've limited my portions.

Tomorrow night we are going to a winery because they have half price sangria. Oh hello. Now the food is different. We can bring our own so I have pita chips and hummus planned. I'm also making sure that I have a sandwich before we go.


I mentioned before that I got a rotissarie chicken at Walmart for $5. I've been getting them and enjoying them immensely. All I have to do is peel the meat off of the bone and it's ready. It feels a little gross, but it's all good and yummy.


I spent all night coughing. It's a good thing though. I was coughing because my throat was unbelievably dry. When I take the mucus relief medicine and I don't need it anymore than that is my first sign. I haven't taken any medication today. It's been glorious.

I got out there for 5 miles today. When I was done I blew my nose and it was a little gross so I should probably take some more medication today. But, I've enjoyed the medicine free day.


I really can't take the commercials anymore. My guilty pleasure channels are Hallmark, Lifetime, and TLC. Every commercial break is a commercial for a weight loss program.

When I watch ESPN every commercial break has one a sugary beverage or a fast food joint.

This is so frustrating. Get Skinny Ladies. Gentlemen, you just indulge in anything you want.


I've slightly become obsessed with Sweet Potatoes lately.


I know that I'm starting to feel a little better because my brain is a little happier. It's coming up with plant and ideas. I'm a lot less anxious.

Have a Blessed Night

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