Sunday, June 29, 2014

I didn't get my Rest day and my body protested

Hello Beautiful People,

I had the most wonderful time in Cape May the last few days. I can't wait to tell you about them. And I will, tomorrow.

Today I want to talk about my fear of the Rest Day.  Your body needs rest. I know this. I do. I know it as a human. I know it as a trainer. It doesn't mean I don't fear it. I can enjoy a good rest day. Sometimes a little too much.

With 10 days left in June I was still on schedule to meet my 100 miles in June if I hit 5 miles a day. I knew I would need a rest day so I doubled up one day. Thursday was my travel day. It was to be my rest day.

My trip took a little longer than I had hoped. There was a lot of construction along the way. I was itching to move when I got there. I met my family on the beach and after a few minutes Aunt Kathy and I went for a walk. A nice 3 mile walk on the beach. So much for my day of rest.
Friday we got up and hit the boardwalk for 4.5 miles. There were a few more miles on the beach after. And then more later walking around shopping. No rest day there. 

Saturday I allowed myself to sleep in a little. It was our last day. Finally a day of rest!  We decided to play a game of mini golf. I intentionally parked far away so that I could get in a little movement before I got on the road. We picked a different course and that meant a longer walk.

When I was almost back to my car I found out that some of my friends were on the beach. So I went to my car and got my beach bag and headed back. So that was another 4 now I had a little cough.

On the way home I stopped for some cough medicine. Oh and my unexpected stop at the beach also got me a little sunburn on my back because I stayed longer than I planned and the sun shifted to behind me while I was talking.

I had a hard time getting up this morning. But, I went to church anyway. I stopped for coffee on the way home. It was an epic fail. I fell asleep for 4 hours.

Basically, I neglected giving my body a day of Rest and it got pissed. My body demanded it.

I know better. Your body can't perform properly if it doesn't get rest. My training is not going to move forward if I don't schedule my rest days. So maybe I need to schedule rest things on my rest days. And then I need to schedule a training on the following day. The Former Fat Girl enjoyed her Rest days a little too much. Of course for her, they were every day.

Have a Blessed Night

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