Monday, November 26, 2012

You don't have to run, you just have to move!

Happy Monday Bleeps!

So I had totally planned on writing a post when I got home last night, but like the rest of the week other things came up.  Although what happened the rest of the week I am not sure.  I had a lot on my To Do list for my vacation, but got nothing on it done.

My To Do list consisted of: finish my book, finish the scarf I am knitting, start my christmas cards, work on new workout programs for my "unofficial" clients, study, blog, etc. Yeah, well none of that happened.  My vacation consisted of walking, eating, and sleeping.  Throw in a couple of movies and two blog posts. I was unbelievably lothargic on vacation. I don't know if I was still sick or exhausted or even a little meloncholy.  Tonight I had book club so my to do list will remain untouched for yet another night.

I'm a little disappointed in myself over the lack of productivity, but I did make sure to get in exercise and lots of water every day.  And honestly, the walks were knocking me out. I can't explain it, but I was pretty much toast for the rest of the day a few hours after every walk. I'm not going to lie, I'm a tad concerned about the Half in two weeks. If a 5k (which I do that distance every day) can take me out, I'm not sure what chance I hold for this Half.  I had hoped to better my time originally. Then it turned to hoping to at least maintain my time. Now I'm hoping that I just don't drop below my first time.  I can't push myself for this. Not with my Florida trip and Christmas coming up. Someone remind me that I just want to enjoy my time.

I guess I can't be too disappointed in my lack of productivity. I did do a lot of walking.  That is plenty of time that the Former Fat Girl would have used to lay around watching tv.

Saturday morning we had the Huff, Puff, and Race for Pumpkin Pie 5K. I had signed up with my friend Brian and some of his sisters.  I also somehow convinced my "just like a younger sister" pal Cassia to go with me. I'm used to hanging out with my younger cousins over Thanksgiving so she fit right in with me.

She was very excited the day before and was texting me pictures of her Race Day Outfit...oh to be 16 again. Except that I looked nothing like that at 16.  I picked her up the morning of and we headed over. It was COLD out and our drive was 30 minutes so the plan was to blast the heat for the first 10 minutes and then gradually reduce it so that by the time we parked and got out of the car it wasn't a shock to the system.

We had looked at the course map online and thought we knew where it started. So we parked and started walking in that direction...we weren't exactly close, but got excited when we saw the mob of people.  I had preregistered, but she had not so we waited in a couple different lines. I also had to play the role of her guardian as she was uner 18 so I had to sign for her. Sadly, they ran out of shirts for day of sign ups :-(  so she didn't get one.  We had 15 minutes before the start of the race and we still needed to run back to the car to drop some stuff off. Then we figured we would move the car closer to the start line...but we went past the last of the empty spots and had to turn around..we ended up parking 1 block closer to the start, but lost that time driving around. The good news is that we were nice and warmed up when we got there.

I was prepared for the cold. I put on my running pants with my flannel pj bottoms on top.  Then I had my running shirt with my sweathshirt over it. And for my head I had my fleece ear cover from the Polar plunge. I looked adorable. She, however, looked like she stepped out of Seventeen magazine in her leggings, knee socks, and cute top. DOH!

At the very last moment we found Brian and his sisters. YEAH! So we started off together. Joking around we took turns leading. His sisters are veterans at relay walks to raise money for cancer. They rock!  They were telling us about the 46 mile colon cancer walk they do over two days. I totally want to join them next year if I can't find anyone for the 3 Day walk.

So we are walking and we notice that there is a slight change in the course. It was supposed to go up to the water, turn for a block and then wind around the side streets. Instead we went up to the water turned to the boardwalk along the water and then just headed back the same way. SCORE! That's a pretty's also COLD AND WINDY!  But, pretty wins out.

We enjoyed our walk. I jogged a little, but my lungs were not having any of it...and then my foot started to hurt. So I dropped back to a walk for the majority of the race. Miss Cas was so cute "Seeing all of these people run by makes me want to run!"  She's little Miss Lacrosse so I told her to go ahead and run.  I met back up with her at the finish line.  Where I promptly removed my sweatshirt and grossed her out with my sweat stains. ha.

So as we were all walking we were talking about not wanting to be last, but then we all agreed that even when you are last, you are still ahead of everyone not participating :-)  That's why I stress that it's okay to walk it. You don't have to run. You just have to move. You're already ahead of those who are not moving.

My weight loss journey began with walking. I know some some people find it boring, but give yourself a fun playlist and go. OH, and I did not have my music on because we would be talking the whole time...then Brian takes off to run the second half, Miss Cass takes of to run the last mile, and I had targted this group in front of us to pass for my little jog. I MISSED MY MUSIC! But, I kept my pace the whole time...kind of a miracle.

So my advice for starting off is to find a group to walk with. Just get out there a few times a week. You'll feel better and you'll want to add more time. Now, don't go stopping for dunkin donuts on your walk and walk briskly not at a snails pace. If other people hold you back, then put on your ear phones and take off.

The good news is that Miss Cas had so much fun that she's ready to do another one...and her mother informed me last night that she has already picked out her next outfit. haha.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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