Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WOO WOO Random Wednesday

WOO WOO it's Random Wednesday!

So there was an article today that held my attention.  Did you hear about the controversy over this plus-sized mannequin?

Some of the reactions to it made me sick.  Some made me sad. And looking at it made me question whoever designed it. It reminded me of the man with the shrunken head in Beetlejuice.  It was like they inflated every part of a regular mannequin except the head.

There were some positive comments from those who feel that finally they are being recognized and will now know what the clothes actually look like on their body type.  One person commented that fat people are finally being treated as "real people".

There were also some negative comments. Some expressed fear that "obese would become the new normal." And one commented about fat people not taking responsibility for themselves.

When I start to think about this stuff my head hurts. On the one side, I've been the Fat Girl. I know how it feels when people make fun of you. I know what it's like not to want to go shopping because none of the mannequins look like you. I know what it's like to feel like people are judging me.  It HURTS.  Things might have been different for me if the perception of Fat wasn't so negative.  Perhaps it would not have been a vicious circle of unhappiness and self sabotage.

And then I sit on the other side now. I certainly don't look at fat people with horror. I do get angry when I see a large person eating a meal that could feed a small family, but I also look past that and see the unhappiness.  I just want people to be healthier. I want people to believe in their physical capabilities.

So the good news is that with all of my napping and sleeping over the holiday, I finally gave my shoulder the rest that it needed. Ironically, I think the knitting and computer work would have continued to aggrivate it. Thank goodness I didn't get to work on my To Do list at all!  I realized on my drive home on Sunday that it was no longer sore and that it had not been sore in several days.
Score 1 for Rest!
Have you seen the new James Bond movie yet?  One of my favorite parts was watching him run. Te he. He would haul ass in his suit and dress shoes.  Perhaps with all of their secret gadgets they have created a dress shoe that actually runs like a sneaker. And then I thought: How cool would it be to have a James Bond 5K? Have everyone dress up like 007 or one of the way cool chicks (Ms. Asskicker herself Eve Moneypenny).  I think it can be done.
I tried googling for it, but all I get are James Bond movie marathons. So if you know of any that happen please let me know. I would like to come watch. (

The frosted sugar cookies are still sitting in my locker. Bah! I have not taken them out to the kitchen for the office to eat. But, I also have not eaten them myself.


Today I have officially changed my Home Gym location. It made me sad. I love the new gym, but I miss Gym Crush 1. So I ordered a book on cd from the library (still haven't joined the one right down the street from the new place). I will just have to go to the old gym when it comes in and I have to pick it up...come on Gym Crush 1!  Please be there!


Last week at the gym, Gym Buddy Lisa was telling me about some ignorant comments someone from her high school had made on Facebook.  It was right after the Philly Marathon and they were commenting that the fat people should not be allowed to register because they hold up traffic. And then it turned into a feeding frenzy with everyone jumping on and agreeing.

WHOA!  Hold the phones there bucko.  First of all, do a little research before you open your mouth and make such a stupid statement. There is a pace time cut-off. If you fall below that pace the van will pick you up. The organizers only get a set amount of time. And it doesn't matter how much you weigh, if you fall behind that pace you get picked up. That means skinny people too.

Second of all, shut up!  Someone is out there trying to improve their life and there you sit judging them based on their weight. SHAME ON YOU! 

Anyone who is out there should be applauded not ridiculed. It's even harder for anyone overweight competing because of the extra weight they are carrying. I would like to think that I will be like Flo Jo once I lose the rest of the belly.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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