Friday, November 30, 2012

It's not Random! Just feels like it.

Hello Beautiful People,

Alright, I'm just going to start with the good stuff. Today I went out to lunch with Ms. Barb, Ms. Tracey, and another coworker. We had been planning it for a few days. YEAH!  Well I knew where we were going and I know that I don't always tend to make the right decision there. Sure, the food is awesome and I am never unhappy with my choice, but I also know that I could make smarter options some of the time. For the most part I will get the sandwich or salad on the "Lighter side". That uses lower fat ingredients. However, sometimes I forget to use the term "lighter side" or just choose something different altogether.

Knowing that I would probably make a bad choice I went online and looked at the nutritional menu. It always amazes me the calories and sodium that can be in some stuff. What the heck?  Be careful. Just because it's a salad does not mean it's the best option. Watch what is being put in it. There was one salad that was 800 calories and 1500mg of sodium...WHAT?

I picked the chipotle lime chicken salad. I told Ms. Tracey that yesterday and told her that I was not allowed to change my mind. She had my permission to slap me if I started looking at the menu when we got there. I had even considered writing down what I want and handing it to the cashier, but I was afraid they would think I was robbing them.

I stayed strong. I did look at the menu. And I really wanted the Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwich, but I didn't get it. I got my salad. It did not disappoint. It was very very good. YEAH!

Tonight for dinner, however, bah!  Peace a Pizza! That's the name of the place. It's one of my favorites. I always get a slice and a salad, but I could easily eat 3 slices. They are fun slices. My favorite is Eggplant Parmasean. They have a cheeseburger pizza and a macaroni name it and they'll put it on pizza.

Okay so that was the plan, but it closed! WHAT?  Luckily there's still one by work. Anyway, we ended up at Panera and I got my Pick 2. I got the french onion soup and the turkey cranberry panini.

And in case anyone was wondering, yesterday we took the left over frosted sugar cookies into the kitchen. Okay, to be more precise I had Ms. Tracey take the cookies into the kitchen after she, Ms. Kerri, and I each had one. The floor around my desk is littered with smashed sprinkles. Those suckers just did NOT stay on the cookies!

I wanted to talk about food today because I am starting to stress over the upcoming month. I'm booked solid. This means that I sense some poor choices are going to be made because "I don't have time".  Argh. I will need to sit down this weekend and plan out my eating schedule for the month. It sounds crazy, but I already have one week when I have 1 pot luck and then 3 lunch dates. DANG. I can't eat out that much! Serenity Now!

I need to go grocery shopping this weekend and I made sure to put Chili ingredients on my list. I will have to make a batch on Sunday for my dinner for the week.

This is starting to feel like a Random Friday haha, but I'm sticking to a food theme. Last night I was on the treadmill reading and making it a light night (foot has started to bother me again dang it!). I started reading a Jenny McCarthy book. It's short and funny. I figured it would be fun. It is funny and a bit raunchy, but I got to this chapter she wrote about Periods *boys feel free to go visit ESPN.COM now...see you tomorrow*. I don't know if this is true, but she said that she had read that your metabolism increases when you have your period and that's why you are so hungry during that time. She talked about how if you eat right during that time you may actually lose weight by the time it's over. I have had some where I have done that, but just figured that I was smaller because I was bloated for a week. Who knows, but someone has hers right now and feels like she could eat a house right now. Just sayin! On the plus side, she won't have it for the race next weekend...Hallelujah!

Quickly, while I'm talking about the book let me tell you a funny story. I was on the treadmill on the aisle. If you are going anywhere on the lower level of the gym you have to walk by me. No big deal...usually. So there I am casually reading the book. Like I said, it's short. It's even shorter because every few chapters includes a cartoon. They weren't that bad, but then I get to this one chapter about porn *DISCLAIMER: it was not a porn chapter, just about men and porn * and the cartoon is a picture of her as a dominatrix.  My hand FLEW to cover it up while I finished reading the page. All I kept thinking was "what the heck is anyone thinking if they see me as they walk by?"  I'm a good girl. Really I Am! 

Okay kids, I have to work in the morning. No, you got that correct. Tomorrow is Saturday, but I have to come in for the morning. Oh boy. So I shall call it a night.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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