Monday, June 3, 2013

Sweating out the Stress

Happy Monday Bleeps,

Well it was a wild and wacky weekend. I'm a little zapped. I didn't quite get everything done that I had hoped. I did have fun though. But, that doesn't mean that I didn't stress out.

My plan for Saturday was to get up early and run to Target, Best Buy, and Old Navy. I wanted to take some stuff back to Old Navy and pick up some baby stuff for cousin Kim's Baby shower and for nephew's visit. I also wanted to hit up Best Buy to pick up a new iPod nano since they were on sale.

As I was leaving the gym, I got a call from my Aunt asking if we were doing a 5K in the morning. I had forgotten all about it. I mentioned it a month ago and we thought about it, but I never registered. Well they were driving down from the Poconos so I was in.

I'll talk more about the race itself later. I'm way tired right now and there was too much to talk about. It was for Pancreatic cancer and so very was also so very VERY hot.

We ran to the stores after the race, but you know I'm not moving at full speed. I had made sure I drank a buttload of water before, during, and after the race. The good news is that I was not dehydrated. That was a water miracle. The bad news is that I had to pee every 10 minutes. I'll take it though. That was way better than the alternative.

I got everything I needed and after a quick bite to eat I could finally get home fore a shower. Good thing too cause I STUNK. Ick.

I got in about 15 minutes of studying before I needed to leave to meet my family for dinner. We were going to Plaza Azteca...gimme some guacamole!

I don't remember what time I got home, but skinny margaritas had been consumed, so there would be no studying.

My plan for church and/or studying went out the window Sunday morning. I had such a sore neck Saturday night that I couldn't move. It was hard to get up Sunday. So my day started late. Luckily grandmom has bagels set up. We were all meeting there before heading to the Baby Shower.

The shower was lovely and I will tell you all about that later also (I just downloaded the pictures I took so I have lots to share).

I got home late and was too fried to study. Sound familiar?

Well this morning as I sat in traffic I had a small anxiety attack. I love my family and I enjoyed my time with them, but I didn't get to do what I needed. Argh. I need to make things better.

I am going away on Thursday for the weekend. We are going to visit with nephew for a couple of days. then after he leaves I plan on studying for a couple of days. I hope to. I have told everyone that is what I need to do. But, to be safe I took an extra day off. I have Wednesday off now. I have less chance of something coming up if everyone else is at work. So I shall go study. And if I do a good job then I can go see nephew for dinner. Now that's incentive!

I felt better once I made this decision....ahhh. And tonight I took out all of my frustration on the treadmill. I had my personal best for 5 miles. YEAH! I was a monster sweat pile. I could actually squeeze sweat out of my pigtail...ewww.

Okay, so I was stressed. I was anxious. I needed to breathe. I took the steps to make it happen and then I took out some frustration through exercise. That was way better than attacking the sweets....which is pretty much all that I have wanted to do for weeks.  This weekend got totally away from me. Some wise choices were made...and some not so wise choices. But, the important thing is that I am moving forward and not wallowing in them. I hate when I lose control, but that's life. It's how you recover from it that matters though. And I'm aiming for a WIN.

Alright kids, my body is beat. Until tomorrow...

ps-Yes, Tony Stewart won the race at Dover yesterday...and I was not there to help celebrate sniff sniff...I heart him. Tony Stewart Call Me!

Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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