Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spandex and Sports Bras

Hello Beautiful People,

Do you know what one of my least favorite things to do is?  It's trying on spandex running pants...ugh...followed closely by trying on sports bras. Neither are fun. And fitting room mirrors are SO not forgiving.

This weekend we made a run to Kohl's. I needed new bath towels. I also wanted to check out their running shorts and sports bras. If there was a good sale then I was in. Just about everything in the store was on sale.

I have a lot of workout shorts. Up until this year I haven't had a problem. But, now that I'm running more I have the ride-up issue. I spend most of my running time pulling them back down. It's distracting and annoying. I have one pair of spandex shorts that I wear to run in and I like them.  And so I made the decision to try some on...oh fun!

I took 6 pairs in to the fitting room. Some were longer (to my knee) and some came midway down my thigh. Some were mediums and some were larges. I didn't know what to expect. I liked the first pair I tried on. They were a pair of large shorts. I felt comfy in them and I could move easily.  After that I wasn't in love. Some of the medium pants seemed too big. What?  I know it's the cut that is different, but that was still weird and a tad pleasing.

So I put the shorts in the cart and moved on. Before we left I ran back to try on sports bras. Well I couldn't do it right after the spandex...I am not that strong. The sports bras they had were sized by S, M, and L. Um...well I prefer ones that are the size and cup size, but okay let's try some on. The majority were low impact. They are not made for my boobs. No way, no how.

I found a Large and took that in. It was not fun to get into. I like the ones that I can hook. Thank goodness I am good at yoga because I had to contort my body to get into it. And it was awful. I did the bounce test in the fitting room and my girls were bopping all over the place. Um..no.  Could it be? Should I try on a medium?

I didn't see any in the brand that I had tried (it was a big sale day and the racks were a mess....and most were "low impact"). But, as I was walking away I found some similar ones of another brand...and plenty of medium. Do I really want to go back into the fitting room? NO. Should I just get it? What if it doesn't fit? I don't live by a Kohl's anymore. It'll take effort to return it. Just do it.

Okay so when we got to the register there were three of us pulling out our items from the cart. Mom said to just leave mine and she would  pay for it, but I said no. Just as I was getting ready to head to the register I remembered my shorts. Mom said she would get them.

Cut to the living room when we are emptying the bags. No shorts. Um...what? They were in the middle of the cart. Items that were below them and above them were purchased...where were they? They were not on the receipt either.

Are you freaking kidding me?  I tried on how much spandex and I didn't even have anything to show for it! BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

Grandmom suggested that we stop on the way home. And we did. By some miracle I found them back on the rack (or their identical twin) and we headed out. The bonus was that the cashier gave grandmom an extra $5 coupon. Woo Woo.

And so tonight I went to the gym wearing my new shorts and my new sports bra. I was able to get in the bra, but I felt very self conscious. I felt like the girls were going to pop out at any moment. Oh they were in there and the bounce test was successful, but this one is a little more revealing than I like my sports bras to be. I like the girls duct taped in there. I like the turtle neck sports bras...the ones that they will NEVER pop out of.   So basically I drove to the the gym and ran on the treadmill touching my hands to my breasts every 5 minutes making sure they were still in there. I'm so silly. The good news is that I absolutely loved the cut of the bra. It wasn't two straps. It had the cross in the back. That made my shoulders feel good. A lot less pressure. The bad news is that it took me 20 minutes to contort out of it. I was so close to showering in it, but I eventually got out...and I didn't even need to dislocate anything to do it.

I know you are on the edge of your seat wondering about the shorts. I LOVE them. Love them. The good news is that they are a tiny bit big. I shouldn't have tried on spandex during a vacation when I didn't get all of my workouts in and I had a few cheat meals the days leading up to it. Oh don't worry, they aren't falling down on me.

But, here's the interesting thing. They aren't technically spandex. they are more cottony. And you know how spandex usually sucks you in and molds you?  Well these just stick to my natural butt...and it looks fantastic!  Standing there. I was suddenly very conscious of the material as I ran. Did I have butt jiggle? Ugh. I think I was okay though...but, I'll never know cause I ain't ever gonna be looking at my butt while I run...and anyone who takes video of it and tries to show it to me is TOAST!

Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)


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