Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Wednesday: Lynch Mobs, Training, and Temptations

Happy Random Wednesday!  HOLLA!!!

 Alright kids, tonight was my first official distance training day for the next Half. I have arranged to skip lunch on Wednesdays and leave early to get extra time in at night. I miss Bible Study already (it's on hiatus for the summer), but this is a nice way to spend my time.

Tonight I walked 8 miles. I am keeping to my No Running until July rules. It was hard though. When I got on the treadmill no one was around me. And then runners came out of the woodwork and surrounded me. #CRUEL I forced myself to stick to the program though. Go me!

Anyway, since that was my night all I really want to do is veg out..


DOH! I totally forgot to wish my Grandmom Joyce a happy birthday yesterday. She is 82 yrs young and reads my blog faithfully. Woo Woo Grandmom!  She is one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders and I am forever grateful. Plus, she's passed down these fabulous genes!  HOLLA!


This morning was breakfast club....supposedly. The person who had this week was out of the office today and had not swapped with anyone. A lynch mob quickly formed and if I were him I might lay low for the next few days. Assuming a new identity and moving to Canada would not be overreacting.

Holla to Ms. Liz who offered to go to Panera for us. So I got my egg white mediterranean sandwich. Yum.


I forgot to mention a few things in yesterday's post.

I have been with my company for over 6 years now. The first 5 were extremely stressful every day. I mean EVERY day. My client was very demanding. I couldn't breathe most days. This past year I took on a new role. It was a nice change. I was still busy, but I didn't want to pull my hair out every day. I could breathe. 

Well right around the time when my Crazy busy weekends started it started to get crazy busy at work too. So in addition to my crazy off time schedule, I haven't even been able to breathe at work.

And to clarify, I'm not tired because of all of my workouts. I'm tired because my days of rest are not restful. :-(  I'm not getting the down time I need...but I plan on sleeping in on Saturday so Holla!  I am willing to sleep through until Sunday if that helps.


I saw a picture on instagram a couple weeks ago that intrigued me.  A former Biggest Loser contestant put up a picture of frozen tasty treat. Dole has come up with a dark chocolate dipped sliced banana.

I found a coupon...and I bought a box.

My first taste wasn't exciting, but I had let it thaw a little too much. It was much better the next night.


I do not have any big plans for the next two weekends. YEAH!  And then I got an offer. A friend from college will be down at the beach in two weeks. I haven't seen her in forever. I want to go!

Immediately I got scolded because I should be studying. Thank you Mama MaryAnn. haha. So now that is my incentive. If I can get to a certain spot then I am allowed to go. Otherwise, it's me and the library.


Tomorrow is a company wide potluck at work. I am opting to go to Subway for lunch. I simply do not trust myself to make wise decisions with all of that temptation.

Sometimes the best choice is to remove yourself from temptation.


So one of the best parts about moving where I did back in November was that I would pass a Bruster's Ice Cream/Nathan's hot dog stand often. I was waiting patiently for it to open for the season...but it's become very clear that it is never opening again....booooo


Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)

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