Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trying to keep my pants up at the gym and my Cheat Day

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Once again I had a post planned for today, but today was my cheat day and I want to talk about that instead. So I'll do a weekend recap.

Friday night I did make it to the gym. I was all ready to do a 30 minute run and some abs. I got on the treadmill and my warm up was just fine. I started to break into a run but I was having a problem. The waist on my pants kept falling down. Argh!  What do I do? I really really wanted a fast run, but I really really didn't want my pants to fall to my ankles in the middle of the gym.

I remembered that I had a pair of shorts in my gym bag which was in my car. So I jumped off, went to the locker room for my keys, and ran to my car for my shorts. I changed and got back on. So know I hadn't shaved in 5 days...and of course Gym Crush Babe was there watching me...haha. Dude, please don't get too close to me!

I did some running, but my rhythm was disrupted and I wasn't feeling it. I put on 30 minutes and then went over to do some abs on the mat. The problem is that I was super sweaty and slipping all over the mat. So I got back on the treadmill for another 20 minutes. OH well. It's not the workout I wanted, but I adapted and got it done.

Saturday morning was my trial run in the green tutu to see if it would stay up.  I put in my new running pants, which are softer than a cloud, and got ready.  It was cold so my outfit also included gloves, ear protection, and a fleece jacket. I was a vision in Hot Pink and green. haha. I was hoping for an hour, but holy heck it was bitter cold and windy. I put in 30 minutes and was happy with my distance considering I couldn't breath for half of the course when I was running into the wind. When I got in the car I was hit with a monster coughing fit so I am sure I made the right decision.

When I got home I got in the shower and had a fright. My legs looked like I had been in a car accident. They were black/blue. I realized that it was dye from the new pants, but it was extremely icky looking.

The plan was to eat lunch and then head to the library to study. But, I forgot that the Syracuse game was coming on at noon. So I waited for that to end before I headed out. I was doing stuff during the game and didn't get a chance to eat. So instead of the Library I went to Starbucks instead.   I was there for 2 hours, but I wish I had gone to the library. Generally I don't have a hard time concentrating, but yesterday it was unusually loud and the only free table was by the bathroom. I'm not a big fan of trying to concentrate when I hear toilets flushing every 5 minutes. I thought about leaving and going to the library, but they close at 4 on Saturdays. I must plan better next time.

So after Starbucks and went to the grocery story and picked up my spaghetti squash. I could not be more excited.  And then I went to grandmom's to pack up her kitchen cabinets before her big move.

This morning I went to church. I didn't know that we had choir practice after, but we did and I stayed. But, I was HUNGRY. I got an offer to go to lunch at Q'doba and really, you don't have to ask me twice. I wanted to get the grilled veggie burrito again, but I couldn't finish the whole thing and I didn't want the leftovers in my car all day. I was still super hungry and I had already decided today was cheat day. So I got a quesadilla with steak. I did get it on a whole grain tortilla, not that it makes it the healthy choice. I just makes it a better choice than the white flour tortilla.

And then I was off to meet up with Bibble and her daughter for some study time at Starbucks. The problem is that it was COLD and every time the door opened it was icy cold. Getting my iced unsweeted green tea was not an option. I got my comfort "vanilla chai tea latte". I stopped myself at 1 grande, even though I really really wanted more.

We were studying and talking and then the subject of dinner came up. My plan was to come home and make my spaghetti squash. But, I don't see them that often so if they want to go out to dinner I'm game. And then they said the magic words: Inside-out pizzas.... And like Pavlov's dog I drooled.

My head was screaming NOOOOO you don't want that, but my body responded. And so we finished our studies and headed over. I ordered mine baked and not fried. Again, not the healthy choice, but the healthier choice.

I couldn't cut it fast enough. I ate it. Well, I inhaled it actually. I hit that point where I consciously knew that one more bite would put me over the edge. And what did I do? I took that bite. BAH!  And then I pushed my plate to the side. I felt like my belly was going to explode. I had ordered a diet soda for the carbonation to help me and soon my big giant burp came. Ahhhh...

I felt better, but was still mad at myself. I don't like to have two big meals on cheat day. I felt sick.  That car ride home was horrible. I could still smell it on my hands and I felt like my face was just oozing grease. I did not feel good. Once again it is really brought to my attention just how different my eating is. This was a regular day for the Former Fat Girl.

Now that I have cut out the grease and fat my body can not handle it in excess. It's just a reminder that our bodies were not designed to eat it. I have not felt good since I got home. I had hoped to do some abs and arms tonight, but I feel like I will vomit if I try that.

The scary thing is that I can remember feeling like this all of the time when I was the Former Fat Girl. WHAT? WHY would I do that to myself? Why would I do that to myself day after day? At the time I liked the food, but it was not worth it. 10 minutes of eating for a day of feeling like a sloth.

This is another reason why I stress the importance of eating right. I do not have good workouts on days when have a cheat meal.  That is the last thing I want to do at that point.

The other big thing from today was my lack of water. ARGH. I nursed a chai tea latte for 3 hours and then I had a soda. Bah. I know that there were practically decades between glasses of water for the Former Fat Girl, but now I can barely go 15 minutes without some.

So basically I feel like a beached whale right now. Bah...

Thank goodness tomorrow is Make Amends Monday!

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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