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The Biggest Loser - Season 14 Episode 11 - The Final 5

It's the last week on the Biggest Loser Ranch!  I'm Sad :-(

Guess what!  The kids are back!  YEAH!!!!  I love these kids.

The trainers take them in to watch videos of their progress. Sunny's first response is "Just to see where I was in the past, it's not gonna be easy." I can totally relate to her there.

When we first met the kids Sunny's goal was to fit into a pretty prom dress, Lindsay wanted to join the cheerleading squad, and Biingo wanted to play baseball. Biingo just wanted to be "a normal kid of normal weight that no one makes fun of." Breaks my heart.

Sunny said "I've always had a voice in the back of my head telling me that I can't do that. I shut the voice up!"

After watching the video of Lindsay standing up and talking about bullying in front of her school, Jillian told her that it brought her back to being a kid. She told Lindsay that she inspires her.

Back in the Gym

It looks like the teams are back with their trainers. Bob is with Gina and Jeff. Dolvett is with Jackson and Joe. Jillian is with Danni.

Bob starts by talking about the coveted top 2 spots. Everyone wants them. These guys are going all out. Danni is lifting Jillian over hear head. Dolvett comments on the difference between the first workout and this workout.  On Day 1 he saw fear and doubt.  Today is sees belief and determination.  Jackson tells Dolvett that he knows he is worth it now. He was doing it for the wrong reasons. When he started he was doing it for his family and the kids he works with. Now he is doing it for himself.  And no amount of vomiting is going to keep him from his goal. haha.

Bob is reflecting on week 1. He says that Gina was a mess, but look at her now. She's been the Biggest Loser for weeks. And just then she is on the treadmill and her foot "snaps". She's upset. She has worked too hard to let an injury take her down. *they never actually define the injury, but it slows her down this week*

Back to the Kids

Dr. Joanna is back and sits with the kids.  She talks with them about their progress and about encourages them. They have cut out the junk food and made positive changes.

Lindsay doesn't have pre-diabetes anymore. YEAH!

Biingo has lost 25% of his body weight. His Body Mass Index went from Obese to Normal. Biingo's mom is there and says that she's gone down 5 dress sizes. He has inspired her.

*70% of parents of overweight children think that their kids are fine*

Sunny was here to lose weight. Now she's here to get healthy. Her cholesterol is in the normal range now. She's never been happier.

Back with the Contestants

I love when Bob says that it's time to sit down with their "athletes" and reflect on their time on the Ranch.

Jackson cried (as did I) during his video. "I came to this place a sick kid." What he learned is that working out is 100% mental. "You have to want it more than the cupcake. You have to want it more than the TV." I could not have said it better! And I hope he doesn't mind that I am going to use this all of the time.

Dolvett tells him that he has the control now.

Gina says that when she came to the Ranch she was living in fear. She was afraid of dying and she was afraid of living. I loved when Bob saw the video of her coming out in the Blue dress from the makeover "WHOA!".  He tells her that she's finally starting to see herself the way he sees her.

When it's Jeff's turn Bob says that he holds back. That he sets small goals because of his fear of failure. When Bob sees the video of Jackson living in his mom's basement he sees a vacant boy. He wants him to live in the world outside of the basement.

Joe's recap is a little different. He is a former athlete. His journey is not about finding the real Joe, it's about "reminding" the real Joe of who he is.

Danni's reaction to her video "Wow, I forgot I started that bad." Jillian is so proud of her. She tells her that she's become everything that Jillian thought she would be."

Challenge America

We meet 10 yr old Breanna. A year ago she weighed almost 200 lbs.  Her mom said that doctors told her that she would "grow into her body". What doctors are saying this????

Breanna started making the change by exercising for an hour a day. She has lost 72lbs. She and her family have started a walking group. I heart them!

Back on the Ranch

Dr. H. meets with Danni and Jillian.  He tells her that she's a record setter. He had to check twice, but she's gained 19 lbs of muscle. Jillian says that men don't even add that much muscle in 3 months. She's a machine!


The contestants are walking up a snowy mountain. Jackson "I hate cold. I just lost 93 lbs of what was keeping me warm!"

They are at a ski resort. This is their "last mountain to climb" while on the Ranch.  It's the "Put the weight back on" challenge.

Joe will put on 120 lbs
Danni will put on 84 lbs
Jeff will put on 112 lbs
Jackson will put on 93 lbs
Gina will put on 82 lbs

They will be pulling a sled up the hill to 10 different stations. Each station will represent a week on the ranch with the corresponding weights that they lost that week. The first one to cross the finish line carrying all of their former weight will win a 1 lb advantage.

Joe really wants to win. Danni has won every challenge. Her plan for this challenge is to go slow and steady. It's neck and neck between them, but Joe pulls out to a slight lead and never looks back. He finally won a challenge.

Jeff was shocked at his weight. "I can't believe that I carried this on my body."

Gina was in last place. She was struggling with her injury. So Jackson went down to help her and then everyone one else did too. So proud.

And let me just say, that these peeps were looking SVELT in their snow suits!

Product Endorsement

Dolvett was talking with everyone in the kitchen. They were making Progresso soup. It's good for a snack or meal. They have a new Chicken Pot Pie soup...um..I need to try this!

Time to Say Goodbye to the Kids

It was cute to see Lindsay run and jump up into Jackson's arms to say goodbye. It's time to say goodbye to them, but we will see them at the finale. CANNOT WAIT!

Last Chance Workout!

Gina vows to finish strong. 

Danni admits that the Last Last Chance work scares her. Jillian is getting worried because she's seeing the Danni that she saw in weeks 3, 4, and 5. It's not good. She's struggling and beating herself up. She even has a panic attack. Jillian tells her that it's about the money or the title.  It's about the Girl inside.  "We don't control the world. We only control how we respond." Wise words!

Bob pulls Jeff outside to talk. Jeff tells him that he's like the father figure that he's needed. Bob tells him that he affected him this season. His story touched him and broke his heart. The boy he saw in his mom's basement was lost and sad. He doesn't want that for him. Bob tells Jeff that his father would be so proud of him. He understands always looking for approval from his father and tells him that if he ever feels like he is falling into a dark place to call him.

Weigh In

Remember, there's a yellow line AND a red line.

Joe started at 244 lbs and now weighs 239 lbs for a total of 5 lbs. Plus his 1 lb advantage.

Jackson started at 235 lbs and now weighs 230 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.

People are starting to get worried.

Gina started at 163 lbs and now weighs 161 lbs for a total of 2 lbs.
She's never had a number that low. Bob says the fact that she's not jumping up in frustration and down is huge and shows just how far she's come.

Jeff started at 276 lbs and now weighs 265 lbs for a total of 11 lbs.

Danni started at 174 lbs and now weighs 163 lbs for a total of 11 lbs.

Gina is going home :-(

Danni and Jeff earned spots in the finale.  America will decide between Jackson and Joe.

The good news is that each of them will enjoy a week at one of the Biggest Loser Resorts.

Dramatic montage:

Jeff: "My future is bright and full of bright skies and endless possibilities."

Danni: "You can't play a game and finish in the 3rd quarter. You have to finish the game."

Jackson: "I faced so many challenges and I got up every time."

Joe: "You can do it too."

Gina Today:

Gina started at the ranch at 245 lbs. She now weighs 145 lbs. Before her life was ruled by insecurities. She couldn't keep up with her husband. Now she can outdo him in many things.  She's also teaching her kids to eat healthy now. "They have a shot at a long healthy life now."

Next week: The LIVE FINALE

Have a Blessed Night.

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  1. Go to nbc.com/the-biggest-loser to vote for Jackson or Joe. Whoever gets the most votes is still in for the running of the grand prize