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The Biggest Loser: Season 14 Episode 10 - Makeover Week

It's makeover week!  It's makeover week! It's makeover week!

We start this week with the contestants in a limo on their way to get their makeovers. SO JEALOUS!

My favorite comments from the limo ride were:
Gina- "I can't wait to feel like a girl again!"
Jeff- "I feel like I have a chia pet growing on my face."

When they arrive Tim Gunn and Ken Paves are waiting for them. Take a moment...I HEART TIM GUNN! 

So the contestants aren't the only ones getting makeovers...The kids are back! YEAH! They deserve this too!

Sunny is so cute. She is just like me. "So crazy about Tim Gunn!"

Tim talks to Lindsay. She's 13 and he wants to show her what she can wear during her teen years. She comes out in a cute little dress and jean jacket. Tim points out her slim gorgeous legs. Her response: "I look amazing. My hard work plays off." YES IT DOES! She's sooooo cute.

Next Tim meets with Jackson. He comes out in a colorful outfit.  He says that before he wanted to mask his body and hide it. He never thought he could pull off so much color and patterns. He can now!  Go Jackson!

Okay, my FAVORITE funny quote of the night was when Tim was with Joe. I kid you not, when Joe walked in Tim said "If I were a cook and you were a cake, I would say you are almost fully baked." hahahaha oh Tim!

When Jeff walked in in his jacket and tie, Tim pointed out that when he's out of sweats there's a real shape in there. Jeff was happy that he was wearing a button up shirt and the shirt was not straining and stressing between the buttons.

Sunny is 16. She's young and mature. Tim wants her to be playful and fun. She comes out in a dress and a jacket. She says that instead of seeing the flaws when she looks at herself, she's starting to see the good things.

Gina is a lawyer.  Tim wants her to be sexy. "Are you willing to try a leather skirt?" She does! HOLLA! He says that she feels youthful and sexy again and he wants her to feel that way.  She comes out in that leather skirt and he tells her that it's a size 10. She used to be a 20.

Biingo walks in and says that all of the clothes look fancy. Tim says that "when it it comes to fashion challenges I may place a 13 year old boy at the top of the list." hahahaha Biingo puts on a pair of pants and says that he hasn't worn jeans in 5 years. He wears shorts year round.  Tim tells him that he can't be in a hoodie for the rest of his life.

Danni is young and 26. She has a sophisticated and lively spirit.  Tim puts her in skinny jeans. She had never worn them. No one made skinny jeans in her size. She looks FANTASTIC!  She starts to cry when she sees herself. Tim tells her that she's a Beauty Queen.  She says that this is the best that she's ever felt.

Next it's on to the Hair Makeovers with Ken Paves. He says that he likes to be a part of the show because it's a show with a conscience.

The best is that as they are getting their hair makeovers, One Directions "You don't know you're beautiful" is playing in the background.

The highlights of the Hair Makeovers:
Joe says to "buff it up"
Biingo gets highlights.
Danni says that her face hurts from smiling so much.

Time to Head Home!

*I'm a little unsure how long they are home. Sometimes they say a week and sometimes they say 2 weeks.

We hear their voices, but we don't see them until they make their big reveals.

Joe says that when he came to the Biggest Loser Ranch he was confused and lost.
Jackson says that since day 1 it was an uphill struggle.
Biingo  says that he's no longer the biggest kid on the playground.
Gina  says that they are going to be shocked when they see her.
Lindsay says that she feels beautiful.


Gina in Rocking a blue dress.
Jackson is in vest and tie.
Biingo is in a sweater vest and jeans
Lindsay is in a colorful jeans an a top.
Jeff is in a jacket and tie.
Danni is Slamming in skinny jeans and heels.  Her mom says that she's amazed at the strength her daughter has.  She is comfortable in her skin now.
Joe looks fantastic and so does his twin! Henry has been working out on his own at home. He says that he saw his smile and confidence. "I saw Joe again."
Jackson's mom is a proud mama. She says that Jackson always does what he puts his mind to.
Biingo's dad says that it goes to show that hard work pays off.
Sunny's mom hasn't seen her this happy and this confident in a long time.
Danni says that she found a strength in herself that she never knew she had.


You got a letter! Of course everyone's family has a letter for them. There are two challenges this week. The first is to lose 5% of their body weight. If they do, then it's automatic immunity. There is no yellow line this week. It's immunity or nothing. The second is a Challenge America. They will lead their community in a workout.

Jackson says that the biggest challenge at home is food. He is looking through the fridge and says that there is nothing he can eat. He has to talk to his mom. He's never going to be able to reach his goal with the way the kitchen looks. They make a list of what is good for him (spaghetti squash, ground turkey,low sodium sauce). His mom says that she focused on cutting the fat and sugar. She didn't realize that she had to check the sodium too. She then says that Jackson was small as a baby. They were told that he was underweight, so they stuffed him with food. "Sometimes you can love them to death."

Follow up 

Alex has lost 75 lbs since she went to the Biggest Loser Ranch. She looks incredible in a red dress and blue heels. She says that she doesn't remember the last time that she felt this good. "If you love yourself on the inside, the outside will show."

Back at home 

Gina and her family go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. She is friends with the owner and everyone knows her. It's a comfort for her.  And then come the chips and salsa. Her daughter says "You could just eat one." To which Gina asks her if she could eat just one. She says no. Gina is determined to enjoy this meal and stay in her own space with her food. When the food is delivered, Gina's plate is not what she ordered.

Jeff goes out to eat with his friends. He has cut his calories by 90%. His friends still order like they did before. He says "I don't even know how to partake in this conversation." He is surrounded by his favorites: boneless wings, chicken wings, cheese fries,  and burgers. "There is literally 1 item on this menu I can eat." I cringed when one of his friends said "You should get the ribs. I'll help you." Way to support him guys!

Joe goes out to dinner with his family. They used to order 2 pizzas. He sees one on the table next to them and that's what he wants. He says that 1 slice won't hurt you, but he wouldn't stop at one. He does well though and orders grilled snapper with olive oil over lettuce with a side of broccoli.

Gina tells the staff "Y'all are killing me, this is not what I ordered!" They take back the plate and bring her the salad that she ordered. "I don't have a drinking problem, I have a food addiction. I need to know what I'm eating. It's not going to get easier, but I'll be tougher."

Jeff says that eating out is the gateway to bad things. His friend says that he doesn't feel bad that they are still ordering what they used to. "When he's back with us 100% he's gotta control himself and his life." Just starts dissecting the calories for everything they order. He doesn't blame them for ordering what they want. They don't have the problem. He does. He sticks to his food though.  People got sent home for 0.001%.  When he gets home his sister has a surprise for him. The family made over his bedroom in the basement. They made it a healthy space for him and filled it with exercise machines. YEAH! Now that's Support!

Danni and her dad are very close. He has heart problems and is overweight. Before she came to the Ranch he was rushed to the hospital. She tells him "It was really hard seeing you like that." Jillian told her that she's never going to forget that time and she shouldn't. Danni hopes this process will help them talk more. Her dad says that Danni is going to change his life just by inspiring him.

Challenge 2 - Leading a workout

Danni is in the gym and introduces Biggest Loser Winner Olivia. They are going to do a workout that is free. The exercises use their own bodies. Danni is excited when she sees her dad keeping up.

Joe's group ranges in age from 3 to 60. He starts them off with Jumping Jacks. He tells his group that even if it's just going out walking, 30 minutes is all it takes.

Jackson has his group out there doing laps.  He tells them that it's about getting out and getting active. He gets excited as he sees people cheering each other on. They are their own support system.

Gina's group starts with push-ups. Her family friend, Matt, is there. He weighs 400 lbs. Gina spends time with him and tells him that every day matters. He says that she has inspired him. A little bonus is that everyone's favorite Mama Marci is there too!  She encourages him too.  I love when Gina tells her group: "You don't have to be the fastest, you just have to keep moving!"

Jeff's group starts with squats. He has his group active and moving.

At the end everyone participating gets a Subway gift card. Eat Fresh!

Back with the kids.

Sunny girlfriends tell her that they want to talk with her. She's never shared her feelings and experiences with them and they want to find out more. She discloses that at one point she tried purging. She's so happy that she didn't develop an eating disorder. She tells them that she can finally say out loud that she loves herself. She is living her life. They tell her that she has their full support.

Biingo's sister asks to talk to him. She tells him that seeing him walk in was inspiring and that she's proud of him. She's sorry she doesn't say it more often. She tells him that he's an example that it doesn't matter how old you are. You can completely change your lifestyle.

Challenge America

The Long Beach Losers have been growing for 6-7 yrs. They have between 500-800 members. They walk and walk and walk. Walgreens has donated pedometers to all of it's members.

Back at home with the Contestants

Jackson is volunteering with Outreach. He talks to them about setting goals. He has a goal of 5% and will have to budget his time wisely between the gym and volunteering. Both are equally important to him.

Gina walks into the gym. She says that it's a struggle not to have trainers. She's used to being told what to do. She's got to learn to be her own trainer.

Danni is working two jobs. Her day job is in marketing and she's a bartender at night. She's struggling to find time.

Joe and his brother feed off of each other. His brother has done this at home, so they work together. Joe needs to lose 14 lbs. His brother wants him to aim for 15. GO GET EM!

24 hours until weigh in

Danni is out there running.
Joe looks at it as "Game Day"
Jackson reminds us that it's a Guaranteed spot. No one's giving up.
Jeff has anxiety. He's never worked out at home before. If he doesn't make it then he has no one to blame, but himself.
Gina gets her family involved. She's working out with her husband.

Heading back to the Ranch 

Gina- "I'm a winner already and I didn't know it." Love that!
Jeff is hoping that everyone made the 5% since they are all there for the same reason.

Weigh In!

First let me say that Allison is looking pretty hot in a short mini black leather dress. HOLLA!

Danni needs to lose 10lbs
She started at 184 lbs and now weighs 174 lbs for a total of 10 lbs.
In total she has lost 84 lbs.
She lost 5.43%

Jackson needs to lose 13 lbs
He started at 250 lbs and now weighs 235 lbs for a total of 15 lbs.
In total he has lost 93 lbs
Jackson: "Damn! Double Damn!" haha
He lost 6%

Joe needs to lose14 lbs
He started at 261 lbs and now weighs 244 lbs for a total of 17 lbs.
In total he has lost 120 lbs
He lost 6.51%

Jeff  needs to lose 15lbs
He started at 295 lbs and now weighs 276 lbs for a total of 19 lbs.
In total he has lost 112 lbs
listening to that "i can't" is what got me to the ranch
He lost 6.44%

*Gina needs to lose 9 lbs
She started at 173 lbs and now weighs 163 for a total of 10 lbs
In total she has lost 82 lbs.
Bob says that she works very well under pressure. Hello, she's a lawyer!
She lost 5.78%

Gina is still the current Biggest Loser, but only by a hair. Danni and Joe are both within 1% of her.

Allison tells the contestants to say good bye to the trainers. She has something to talk to them about. It's the final week on campus and there is only 1 weigh in left.  Two contestants will guarantee their spots, but there will also be two lines: a red and a yellow. The person with the lowest percentage will automatically be eliminated. The Yellow line will be decided by America...and they won't know the results until the Finale.

Next week: It looks like someone only loses 2 lbs.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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