Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Randomness on the First Day of Spring

Happy First Day of Spring my friends!

We're going a little random today. Are you excited?


I brought my book to work today to study during lunch. It was time to buckle down. And then Ms. Tracey invited me out to go to the store with her. I was tempted. I was really tempted, but I declined. Then when I was heading to the bathroom right before lunch I noticed the table by my comfy chairs was covered in pizza. Seriously? In all of the days that I've done this, no one has ever put pizza there. Do I stay and study? Do I go somewhere else? Do I give up?

I stayed and studied. And didn't sneak any pizza.


I would like to give a shout out to my cousin, Keeley.  She is in her Freshman year of college. We have been working on a workout program for her and she has recently signed up for a Fencing Club. Practice is an intense workout and she is eager to stick with it. So cool.  Find what you love!


Today was breakfast club day. But, it was Ed's week and he was sick. I was sad. But, I survived. I got my oatmeal out and had that. And can I tell you something? I really really REALLY wanted him to bring in bagels today. I would say outloud that I shouldn't, but would secretly be doing the dance of joy for it.


I am sad to report that Ms. Kerri will be leaving us next week. I am happy for her. She has gotten a job in her desired field so it's a good thing. We will be going out to lunch on Tuesday to Plaza Azteca!!! Holla!!!  Let the countdown begin....


Just so you know, I have not forgotten to tell you about my race. There's a lot to share. I'll probably need to break it into several posts :-)


Once again I was watching Friends when I cringed. It was another Fat Monica episode. It was the one where they watch the video from prom night. WHY does she have to be standing there in a prom dress munching on a turkey leg?  Come on!

Then of course there was her comment that the camera adds 10 lbs.  To which Chandler responded "How many cameras were on you?"

This bothers me to NO end!


Today is the first day of Spring. And that means free Rita's Water Ice. I couldn't figure out why there was so much traffic coming out of the gym tonight...well that was it. And the line of people was around the block. I kept going though.


So there was a 5K next weekend that I really wanted to sign up for. Honestly, my knees are shot after Saturday. I feel like a bunch of kids are using my knees for whack-a-mole.  There's a chance that they will be fine by next weekend...but there's a chance that they won't. So I got the brilliant idea to see if they needed any volunteers. Sadly, they do not. DOH!  I still may go just to cheer people on because that's just so great. Doesn't matter if I know you, I love having someone on the sidelines encouraging me.

And speaking of my knees...I mentioned the recovery from this race is taking longer to a friend of mine. He was kind enough to point out that it takes longer at my age now. We are no longer friends!  Just kidding...but he is on probation.

Tomorrow is the last yoga class at work. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....


Seeing Ms. Danni win the title of The Biggest Loser made me want to really work my arms. I was doing great, but then I was focusing on my running. So now I am back to working on my guns....oh yeah!  In fact, if I am watching tv, the new rule is to lift my free weights on commercials.


Alright kids. I'm going to try and do a little more studying before Psych comes on...I HEART Psych!

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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