Monday, March 11, 2013

BAM! I hit my wall.

Happy Monday Bleeps! 

And it IS a Happy Monday! I hit my wall and I hit it hard on Saturday. But, I'm getting back to normal...or as normal as I can get.

It was a busy weekend and I had a lot to do. The problem is that I didn't account for rest. I knew I was burning it on both ends...well I just plain burnt out on Saturday.

Friday night I hit the gym for a quick run. I did some abs and then headed in for a massage before I left. I concentrated it on my legs. ahhh. Felt good.  When I got home I was busy doing things not paying attention that I needed sleep because I had to be up early for a Leprechaun Leap 5K. DOH!  That alarm came mighty quick!

On our way in we verbally established that we were walking it. I can't do a night/morning run and Heather hadn't really trained since the fall. This would just be a fun walk to enjoy the beautiful weather. Nice try!  We ended up running the first mile. It was all down hill and all I had in my head is "what goes down must come up" although I know that's not always the case. We had a great time for our first mile and then we cut it back to a walk (after we passed the zoo and I stopped to take a picture of the llamas te he).

As we were approaching the turn at mile 2 we could see tents and lots of people up ahead. Are there 2 races in the same part of town? Is this like a West Side Story rumble? No one said we had to come armed! It couldn't be our finish line because that's no where near the start line. But, it sure looks like race people...

We picked up our pace, but we were reserving energy because we kept waiting for the hill back never came and the next thing I knew we are close to the finish line. The good news is that there was no rumble. We were all in the same race. The bad news is that we were no where near the start! You finished the race, now you need to go up these 3 flights of stairs and turn left. Go up the hill about 5 blocks and there you will find food and water.  So cruel. My knees are NOT my friend after a run. Every stair feels like knives going through them...oh joy!

But, we did it. And I'm going to give a shout out to Heather right now. I'm so very proud of her. Even though she hasn't been training and walking/running regularly, we still finished 10 minutes less than her original first 5K time 11 months ago. GO Heather! She credits this to parking far from the entrance at work and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. That's what I'm talking about people!  Good stuff!

So we got up to the food and pushed people out of our way for burgers.  I am like a bottomless pit after a run and so I went back for an egg sandwich too. I'm not ashamed! I was hungry!  :-)  We hung out for a little bit, but then we both needed to get back.

I had to shower and then head over to Grandmom's new digs for Moving Day! What I should have done was say that I would be over after an hour's nap. But, I didn't. I showered and went over fully expecting to have to wait a little bit before they were ready for me. I was wrong. They were almost fully unloaded.

My job was to make the kitchen and bathroom functional. Good in theory, but that meant a lot of standing on a stool on my tip toes putting things in cabinets. Not the ideal situation for someone who has been training and beating the tar out of their legs like I have. So basically when I stopped for our lunch break my body never wanted to get up again. But, I did. My Aunt and I had to go on a lamp run for the new place. That took a couple of hours. We want Grandmom to be able to see!  I was dragging. When we got back I put in some more hours and then I sat "for just a moment"...and then I didn't get up until the next day. I could barely move. Grandmom moved 3 miles from me and I didn't have the energy to drive. I was done.

It really bothered me to miss church the next day, but the last thing I wanted to do was have an accident and hurt somebody else because I was beyond exhausted. This was my sign to chill out and relax.

I made the attempt to study and I did get some done, but not nearly as much as I had planned (I had planned devoting 8 hours to it). Instead I went for 3.5 and actually studied for just under 2. My body was starting to feel better, but my brain was still recovering. 

Basically this week's plans have to change. I cannot be tired on Saturday. I just can't. So we are cutting down workouts. 30 minutes maximum walking. Increasing the number of massages. Adding a little arm weights and abs. But, I will not be at the gym longer than 60 minutes any night. And honestly 2 of those nights may not be longer than 30 minutes (and that's including the massage). If I get studying done then that's cool, but if not I won't cry. I will have way more time come saturday afternoon.

In case you were wondering, the Green tutu totally rocked. I wore the pants I was planning on and they looked good together. I had my first challenge: using the ladies room with the tutu. Basically I had to pull it up to my boobs. haha. I did have some difficulties with my race fanny pack (which is way cooler than it sounds!). It was not loving the tutu. So I got the arm band for my phone and I will try that instead. I am not driving so I don't need to worry about my keys or anything. Other than that I think I am good to go for my clothes.

And as much as I love Daylight Savings time, who doesn't like daylight longer at night, this was not a good weekend for it for me.  I truly appreciate the beautiful weather (I was wearing a t-shirt and skirt all day saturday), but I need a little more time to adjust to the early mornings. This morning was ROUGH getting up and driving in. I am not a morning person to begin with, but it took a little longer for me to hit my stride than usual.

It's very humbling when your body reminds you that you are no longer 16.  Not that I was this active at 16, but at least it took a lot more to make me hit my wall.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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