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Race Weekend Part 3: Post Race Foodfest

Happy Sunday Bleeps!

Okay, so where were we?  When last we spoke we were just leaving the medic tent all iced up and ready to go. First thought: FEED ME!  So we headed towards the Metro station. We decided to go back to Federal Triangle and go to the Old Post Office Pavilion for lunch. 

However, getting down to the metro was not quite the easy task. There was a St. Patrick's day festival taking place by the finish line so many people were coming out of the metro and just as many people were trying to get on to it. The 4 people in front of us were arguing. My leg was turning numb from my ice pack (as it kept sliding off of my knee). Our little group got separated. It was MAYHEM I tell you!  Luckily it was the perfect time for some photo ops. Our lovely "Stuff Holders" Hannah and Keeley:

So about an hour later (just kidding, more like 20 minutes) we made it down to the platform.  Good thing I hadn't just watched an episode of Elementary where someone got pushed on to the tracks and died...good thing I'm not that paranoid!  (I did step back a little and let others stand in front of me haha).

To put it bluntly, we were packed in like sardines when we got on the train. It was painful. I am too dang short to reach the overhead bar comfortably. I was stretching for it and felt my calves cramping from that. The girls said I could hold on to them so I did. We got up close and personal. haha. Big shout out to the conductor who was hilarious. Every stop we made he told the people not to get on. There was no room. We were packed in there...and let me just put it out there: Many were really sweaty!

We got off of the train and I was willing to throw my body between the doors to hold them open so that all of my peeps got off. That may sound chivalrous, but really, I just wanted us all to get to the food. haha.

It was eerily quiet when we came above ground and headed over to the entrance. All we had to do was cross the street and it felt like it took forever. I felt like I had been hobbled (reading Misery has ruined me forever haha). Where's a boyscout to lead you across the street when you need one?

We had time to kill waiting for our green light to cross and so I routed around for the gel packs that I shoved down my shirt. I only found one...hmm...what happened to the second one? I can only imagine what it looked like to someone from behind if it dropped out underneath me.

30 minutes later we cross the street *totally just felt like that* and we walked into the Pavilion. Stairs. CRAP!!!!!!!  I guess I looked pathetic enough because they let me use the ramp that went around the medal detector, but I still had to come around and go through it. That meant taking the medals off...dang it.

One of the reasons why I wanted to go there was because it had a wide variety of food. Everyone could have what they were in the mood for. It's also a place that I used to go to at least once a week when I lived in DC. Naomi and I would got there often to just chill out. I miss her.

I was physically tired, but this also had me emotionally tired. I really needed to sit down...but first I needed to use the ladies room. I managed to avoid the port-a-potties during the whole race, threatening to just pee my pants and let it be, and now I really had to go....tutu and all!

When it was time to order I asked for a burger and fries.  That's really all I crave after races. Don't know why, but I do. We happened to be sitting by a Ben and Jerry's...yeah, totally not leaving without some of that.

*Funny story: every now and then we would look up and see two guys walking by us putting their belts back on. It was always different guys. We were getting a little weirded out when someone realized that we were by another entrance and they had to take them off for the metal detector. hahahaha*

Our Cheer Squad: Keeley, Aunt Carol, Aunt Kathy, Mom, Hannah, and Me *Randy had to get back home and wasn't able to join us for lunch

When it was time to place the order for the ice cream I couldn't see the full menu. I don't remember what I decided that I wanted, but when Hannah was in line someone moved out of the way and I saw Chunky Monkey, which is my #1 I started screaming "CHUNKY MONKEY HANNAH!  I WANT CHUNKY MONKEY! DID YOU HEAR ME? CHUNKY MONKEY!!!"...she was all of 20 feet away from me and I literally had no energy to get up. I had used up my energy on one of my 5 trips to the ladies room (I drank a lot of water and gatorade that day haha).  And I hunted around during those trips looking for the other gel pack, but could not find it. It was lost forever.

After what felt like a few hours we got up to leave. We were standing at the cross walk again waiting to cross when I rubbed my chest and it hurt. I reached down in there one last time and found the missing gel pack. I have no idea how it managed to do it, but it had wiggled it's way between and then under the boobs. It was a TIGHT fit, so this was one determined gel pack. haha.

The good news is that by the time we got on the train the crowds had thinned out. We were able to get seats to ourselves. Which meant I could put my feet up. I could have slept if I really wanted to, but I don't think the angle of my head would have been comfortable. I just needed that knee up.

I very much enjoyed my shower when we got home. I put my sweats on and relaxed on the bed.  As it approached dinner time we had a couple options. We could order in or we could go out. As tired as I was, I voted to go out. I needed to move around or my body would stiffen.

So we went to the used book store that I love so much before dinner. Usually I am walking around for so long I will find mom sitting on the bench in the front of the store. I also will have a bag full of books with me. This time I was severely limited. I couldn't really look on the shelves below my waist. haha. There was no squatting. After a little while, they found me practically passed out on the front bench with my 2 books. haha. Oh well, I tried. At least they were both on my list!

We opted for Panera for dinner. It's always a good choice. And since it was still "eat whatever I want" weekend, I went for my comfort food: big kid grilled cheese and tomato soup...ahhhh...and then I found us a table where I could put my feet up. My feet were fine earlier while my sneakers were off, but they started swelling as I was walking around the book store. So up they go.

Needless to say, I slept hard that night! And when I woke up it was Cheesecake Factory Day!  HOLLA!  Okay, seriously I was more excited about meeting up with an old friend then going to Cheesecake Factory...but it was a close second!

And can I tell you that as I was driving there it started to snow!  Thank goodness it didn't happen the day before. We totally lucked out with great weather.

Ann and I hadn't seen each other in about 14 years. It was hard to stop talking. Our poor waitress kept coming over to take our order. Finally we decided to concentrate on the menu. If I'm going to cheat, I'm going to cheat big. We ordered the appetizer that was fried avocado, fried zucchini, and fried portobello. I really try to not eat fried foods and it kills me to fry such healthy options, but we did it anyway. I just about died with the avocado....O...M...G!  I still prefer it in guacamole form, but this was yummy.  argh...I was hoping I wouldn't like it.

I ordered the southwest egg rolls...they are my favorites. There are 8 on the plate and I stopped at 6. I would take the others home...and that left room for cheesecake. YEAH!

Being the smart and indecisive girls that we are, we decided to each order a slice that the other liked and split them. So I ordered the raspberry lemon cheesecake. Ann ordered the Dulce De Leche cheesecake.  They were HEAVENLY!

It was so good seeing each other and we had some we walked the mall. We walked every floor..and then a couple several times. That felt good. It was no where near what was needed to burn off those calories, not even closes. Maybe one egg roll, but it was better than sitting around. And then we did that. haha. 

It was nice to not think about what I was eating all weekend, but my body was not happy. It was upset with me. It was not used to it. Deep fried vegetables is not how it likes to eat them these days. It scares me that the Former Fat Girl used to eat like this every day. NO MORE! The good news is that the next Eat Whatever I Want weekend is not until September.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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