Monday, December 3, 2012

Massage, Tiny Earrings, and my Stupid Sprain

Hello Beautiful People,

Okay well once again my weekend got away from me. So let's recap.

Saturday morning I woke up and put my workout clothes on. And then it was off to work.  I'm just getting used to this longer commute and I had to do it on a Saturday too. Boo. Anyway, I was out of the office by 10:30ish and since I was close to it went to the gym I really had no choice.

I was super tired and really just wanted to sleep, but I was on the phone with my mom on the way and she pointed out "you can sleep after."  She's right, so I headed over.

I needed a good distance. The Half Marathon is a week away. So I hit the treadmill. I am going to be honest, I don't like running on Saturday mornings. Why? Because I am facing straight ahead and forced to watch kids shows on TV. I cannot stand Doodlebops and Lazy Town makes me want to hurt someone.  So I should have just read and walked, but I decided to run a little. I was feeling good for the most part.  Not great, but okay.

I put in my 6 miles and started to head back to the locker room.  That's when I saw it. I don't know how I missed it all week. The Hydro Massage Beds!  Can it be????  So I went to the desk and asked about it. They are available to black card members for free. That's me!  I went in to check it out.

I used to LOVE going to the mall in Charlotte for a water massage. It was a little weird, but it felt so good. You would lay on your belly and the lid would come down and cover you. Then the water hoses would move up and down your body. There was a liner so you would not get wet. OH I felt so good after. Although I was always self concious that everyone walking by was watching my butt jiggle.

Well these massage beds have you laying down on your back and the water shoots up from the bottom. Even better!  Plus, it's in a private room. No need to be claustrophobic AND no one is watching my butt jiggle.  Man, I used to pay for those a couple times a month. I can't believe that these are free. I can even go at lunch...YEAH! 

I felt all nice and refreshed when I got in my car. I wasn't sore or anything. Of course when I was in my car I realized that I did not have any of my protein bars with me. BAH!  They were in my gym bag and since I came dressed for the gym I didn't bring it. I have a 30-45 minute drive home and it was after lunch time and I had just run 6 miles. I was ready to cry.

I stopped at Starbucks, Surprise!, and got the roasted tomato and mozzarella panini with an iced green tea. Ahhh. It held me.   Then I immediately went home for a shower.   I was still feeling pretty good until I realized that after the shower I had been sitting on the edge of my bed in a robe with my wet hair in a towel for 45 minutes watching a Christmas movie on Lifetime or Hallmark like my life depended on it.

I snapped out of my zone and got dressed. Then it was off to the new Super Walmart for some groceries. I was still a little hungry and I veered from my list. But, I got things for the rest of the month so it was okay. Originally I had added a few "quick" items, but I eventually put them back (a soup, a chicken hamburger helper, microwavable popcorn). What I did get was a bunch of stuff for chili, oatmeal, spinach and tomatoes for a salad, yogurt, mozzarella sticks, and peanut butter.

I also go a few Christmas presents. And a little something for me. The night before I had picked up a pair of workout pants because I only have 4 to rotate through and if I don't get laundry done during the week I'm in trouble. They didn't have the color I wanted in Medium so I got a Large figuring they are supposed to be "body hugging" and they couldn't be that bad. Oops. They were too big!  So I found a different type of pants in Medium, but they are longer so I need to hem them, for $12 less. Woo woo.

I also went looking at the earrings. It's winter and for some reason the earrings I am wearing catch on my scarf every time I put it on. And I wear scarves every day in the cold. So I found a 9 pack of these tiny little earrings. They aren't super special, but they are cute and for $5 they fit my budget right now. They are also unlike any earrings I ever got before. They are so small. I never had small before because I felt like they made me look even bigger. I would dare say that I would call these Dainty. It's a whole new world when I am looking for tiny jewelry :-)

Okay, so when I got home there was a lot of going up and down the stairs. Can you guess where this is going?  The running completely aggrivated my sprain. I wanted to cry every time I walked down the steps. I may have done more damage to it trying not to put any pressure on it.  I practically put a hole through my lip biting it so that I would not scream. So there you have it, my training for Saturday is done. I will walk the full 13.1 and hope that doesn't do any further damage. Any running is out of the question. It hasn't healed in 2 months so goodness only knows how much longer it's going to take now.  ARGH!  I just want to finish, it's not worth further injury to improve my time.  There will be plenty more of them in my future.

So Sunday was busy too. I went to church, had choir, returned my 'large' pants, and on my way home got the text that my friend Bibble, her nickname from our college years, was at Starbucks studying and had two tables. I was an hour away, but man I wanted to go.

I wanted to grab my textbook, but I would only be there for an hour and I really need to hunker down with it for a few hours to get back in to the swing of things. Besides, I needed to start my Christmas cards. I have so many things from my "To Do" list running through my head constantly that I can't enjoy my workouts. I got some of my cards done and then came running home to start my Chili. Dang it! I had forgotten about that.

Okay, so fast forward to after I make the chili, prepare my lunch for the next day, then eat dinner.  I desparately needed to attend to my feet. They have been so dry and calloused for so long. So I soaked them for the sprain and then scrubbed some of the callouses off. I couldn't take them all off because of the Half, but man they feel refreshed and were very thankful.   Scrubbed feet are Happy Feet!

Have a Blessed Night My Friends,

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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