Sunday, September 23, 2012

Who wants to be a Personal Trainer? I DO! I DO!

Happy Sunday Bleeps!

Are you enjoying the first weekend of the Fall?  It's a beautiful cool crisp fall day.  It's Nascar Race day (Tony Stewart Call Me!!!) and football day. That makes it the perfect chicken chili day...ahhh.  It's cooking in the crockpot as I type.

So the plan today was to go to Church, then Starbucks for an hour of studying, then the gym for a little cardio and a whole lot of upper body weights, and then home to scrapbook the pictures from last weekend. Well I went to church.  And then I went to Starbucks. I got my Venti Iced Green Tea unsweetened (if you ever want to surprise me with a refreshing beverage this is a good choice).  I passed on the pastries even though everyone around me was getting them.  But, yesterday was my cheat day.  So I resisted.  Also, I have my first book club meeting tomorrow and I'm fairly certain there will be some goodies there.

I was on my feet a lot yesterday and my foot really bothered me after a while. I can start the day fine, but as the day goes on I end up limping.  I went for a walk around the neighborhood and it started to strain, but I wasn't exactly limping.  By the time I was walking around Walmart a couple hours later (after Starbucks and the craft store) I was limping and just praying that I could get off of it for the rest of the day.

This stresses me out. I don't want to injure it further, but I don't want to get lazy either. I just have to be smart about this.  I have a ton to do and my body needs rest.  This is my sign to take a few days off.  I will live in fear that I will get lazy, but I will just need to occupy my time smartly, eat right, and get excited for my next scheduled workout: Tuesday. 

So I decided to stay at Starbucks for an extra hour and do some more studying. My mentor says that if I am still loving it after all of this time then it definitely the field for me. I am enjoying it so much and really cannot wait to get certified and help people. It's my passion.  I could talk health and fitness all day if you let me.  I'm so anxious to take this exam and get started.  It's taking longer than I had hoped, but I want to do this right. I also want to make this professional change as soon as possible.

Sometimes it feels like everyone I know loves their job. I mean LOVES it. Well okay, maybe not so much their job, but what they do.  Teachers.  Nurses. Sales. It's what they love to do. Now it's my turn. I love helping people make healthy changes. It's what I'm meant to do. I just need to get my butt in gear and get certified.

A few years ago my buddy Amie was studying for her certification.  We worked together, fellow cube dwellers, and I can remember her saying "I'm not meant to be behind a desk all day."  I had two thoughts.  One-I'm so jealous of what she's about to do.  Two-She's freakin nuts!  It's all I know. Well now I know better.  I am NOT meant to be behind a desk.  I am meant to be outside training people. The only time I plan on being behind a desk is while writing this blog (and generally I am sitting in my chair in my room so that doesn't even count) and when I am putting together workout programs for clients.  *I just got a chill of excitement thinking about that*.

Last weekend I came away with 5 new shirts. I got my race shirt, my purchased race shirt, my free shirt with my Runners Magazine subscription, my breast cancer shirt for a donation (plus the breast cancer 5k shirt), and my purchased finisher shirt. Normally I would flinch.  I mean I am the person who went through her clothes a few months ago and got rid of a bunch.  I am the person who is trying to pack for a move. Why do I need those shirts?  Well first, they are nice.  And second, one day soon they will be my work uniform. :-) I will be my own personal marketing tool. No one is going to want to train with someone wearing beat up old sweats. They are nice and showcase my accomplishments.

One of the chapters I was reading today was about putting together workout programs.  It stresses that one of the biggest problems trainers have is motivating clients. It lists good traits for a trainer to have:

1. Empathy - The ability to climb into the world of the client. *Yep, that's me*
2. Respect - Appreciation for the worth of your client. *Yep, that's me*
3. Warmth - Communicating concern and appropriate affection *Yep, that me*
4. Genuineness - Being freely yourself. *Yep, that's me*
5. Self-disclosure - Revealing about self at the appropriate time. *This one I think I need to work on...Just kidding ;-)  Yep, that's me*

My mentor made a comment to me a few months ago.  He told me one of the reasons why I will do so well is because I have a story to tell.  He wishes he had a story.  My immediate response - No, no you don't! He has been fit his whole life and you can tell. I would trade places with him in a heartbeat.

Whenever I tell people that I want to get certified and become a Personal Trainer the first response is: That's so perfect for you!  It is isn't it :-)  Now it's time to buckle down and make it happen.  I will use this time to rest my foot wisely. It's time to get serious!  Although I will totally put down the studying if Tony Stewart finally calls :-)

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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