Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hello Beautiful People,

So yesterday the big news broke that McDonalds is going to start listing it's calories on the menu.  And it's getting appauded for this. I'm sitting here scratching my head over this.

Some people are saying that this is brave of them.  That if they list the calories people might stop going.

I would like to think that this is the case. The odds are that that won't really happen. Instead of getting the Big Mac they will just get a chicken wrap...or two.  That's what the Former Fat Girl did. Shoot, up until two years ago that's what she still did.

The reason that I don't think that this is all a postive thing is because Former Fat Girl would have been all over it.  See!  McDonalds IS healthy!  It would have been a pat on the back that she was indeed making good decisions.  The fact that the fat never went anywhere (and in fact seemed to increase) would OBVIOUSLY have been because of some other strange factor.

In addition to listing the calories, McDonalds was all over their "Under 400 Calories" menu.  This made me vomit. They broke down this menu into 4 categories: Under 400, Under 300, Under 200, and Under 100.

Under 400:
Angus Snack wrap
3 piece chicken selects
Medium Fries
Premium Chicken Sandwich Ranch BLT (Grilled)
Sausage McMuffin
Premium Chicken Sandwich Classic (Grilled)
Crispy Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap
Oreo McFlurry (snack size)
Hot Fudge Sundae

Under 300:
Egg McMuffin
Sausage Burrito
Fruit & maple Oatmeal
Premium Southwest Salad (grilled chicken excludes dressing)
Strawberry Sundae
6 piece Chicken McNuggets
Grilled Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap
Strawberry Banana Real Fruit Smoothie (medium)
Apple Pie
Caramel Mocha nonfat milk (medium)
Small Fries
Fruit and Walnuts

Under 200:
Iced Coffee (medium)
Premium Caesar Salad (grilled chicken excludes dressing)
Vanilla Cone
Chocolate chip cookie
Fruit'n'yogurt Parfait
Hash Browns
Chocolate milk - fat free

Under 100:
Milk 1% Low-fat
Latte nonfat milk (small)
Iced Latte nonfat milk (medium)
Side Salad (excludes dressing)
Apple Slices
Diet Soft Drink
Premium Roast Coffee

The idea sounds good, but looking at what's on it is still a problem.  Fried Fish is not healthy.  The Flurry is still over 300 calories in a "snack" size. The salads are "excluding dressing".  Medium fries are still over 300 calories...and who is buying just medium fries? They are generally in addition to something else. 

So there is Calories and there is nutritional values.  Just because something is under 400 calories does not mean that it is healthy. What's the calories from fat?  How much sodium?  How much sugar? How much butter?  What are they frying things in?  Where are the vegetables?  And do not say potatoes count.

Let's repeat: How is anything fried healthy?

I hate the idea that people might go to McDonalds thinking it's a Healthy choice....argh.

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