Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Top 50

Happy 20,000 Hits Day!

Wow...20,000 hits on the blog in just over a year. I seriously never expected this when I started it last year. I guess this means you like me.  You really really like me!  Lol. Well the feeling is mutual.

To celebrate the day I wanted to do a recap of my favorite tricks that I've used to help me on this journey.  I hope they help.

1. Just get out there and walk. Almost everyone can do that. It's a great start.
2. Plan out your workouts and meals for the week. That includes your cheat day and day(s) of rest.
3. Keep a journal of what you're eating. You may be surprised when you see the calories total.
4. Go ahead and face the scale. It's gonna suck.  It's gonna hurt. But, you have to face it. Besides it makes it all that more exciting when you lose.
5. Drop the soda. Even the diet soda.
6. Hydrate!  Hydrate!  Hydrate!
7. Keep a bag in your car with sneakers, a water bottle, and baby wipes (for the sweat).
8. Chew some sugar-free gum when you feel hungry.
9. If you are going out to eat then check out the menu/nutrition online before you go.
10. Go out to lunch for a nice salad when it's pizza day at work.
11. Invest in a good pair of sneakers.
12. Get your workouts in early on the weekend. Less chance to put it off.
13. Make your list for the grocery store. Stick to the outside aisles.  Remember: If you buy it, you will eat it. And to the "candy-free" check out aisles.
14. Keep a protein bar in your bag in case you are hungry.
15. No eating meals in the car!  If you can get it through a drive-thru then you can't get it.
16. Pack healthy snacks for traveling. Put the temptations in the trunk.
17. Update your playlists frequently. If it doesn't make you move then take it off.
18. Get on treadmills around people that have a faster pace than you.  They may push you to go a little faster.
19. Invite a friend to workout with you. Chances are someone you know really wants to, but they just need that extra nudge.
20. Reward yourself with small presents (not food related) when you reach milestones. CDs. Earrings. Shoes.
21. Do not sit down when you get home. Start your dinner and pack your lunch before you rest. It's harder to get back up when you sit.
22. Cook extra for the next night so that you don't have to worry about dinner every night.
23. Park far away from the mall. The extra walking will be good for you.  And take extra trips to the car during holiday time.
24. Sugar-free is good!  If there is a sugar-free option then take it. When you purge your system of sugar you crave it less.
25. Put down the People and Us Weekly.  Pick up a Shape or Fitness.
26. Look at your naked self.
27. Wear clothes with a waist. It will help you realize when you are full and you will notice the weight gain.
28. Exercise on commercials: crunches, bicep curls, jumping jacks.
29. Offer to bring the salad when going to a dinner party.
30. Leave the office when it's potluck time.
31. Salads are good, but be careful when eating them in restaurants. Just because the fried chicken is in a salad does not make it good for you.
32. Do NOT forget to stretch after a workout. Cannot stress this enough.
33. Get your sleep. Your body needs it more than you know.
34. Ladies: Get a GOOOOOOD sports bra.  Strap those puppies down!  It will make your workout so much easier.
35. Keep a journal of your workouts. Be detailed. That way you can check your progress.
36. Sign up for an event.  It will give you a motivation.
37. Find the workout for you. I LOVE weights and yoga. But, you may love water aerobics, cycling, tai chi, zumba, or hiking.
38. If you need to have an alcoholic beverage...make it a skinny or a light (Shout out to Skinny Margaritas!)
39. Get a pedometer. Lots of people think they walk a lot more than they actually do.
40. Get a step and use it during your favorite show.
41. Make sure you have a rainy day alternative (walk at the mall, dvd workout, gym).
42. If you go to the mall for a walk leave your wallet at home. No time to stop and shop.
43. Walk the upper levels of the mall (less kiosks with people trying to stop you to try out whatever they are sellng).
44. Veggies Veggies Veggies!  Make sure to eat your greens.
45. Don't push it when you are sick or injured.  You don't want to get sicker or more hurt.
46. Don't skip breakfast. And pop tarts do NOT count. 
47. Buy nice workout clothes. They will make you feel better.
48. If your hair is long, pull it up.
49. Don't wear dark clothes if you are working out outside (it draws the heat).
50. Keep reading my blog :-)

Have a Blessed Evening.

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