Sunday, November 9, 2014

We all have Struggle Days

Hello Beautiful People,

I think it’s safe to say that my body did not adjust to Daylight Savings time very well this time around. For the past week I have been waking up an hour before my alarm every day. And I have been falling asleep early. I thought I might be getting sick and fighting something off. And I still might have. I was around sickies all week.

And let me tell you, that is NOT an option at the moment. OH no. We are too close to the race for me to get taken down by anything. I felt so rude around the sickies. It was like I imposed an immediate restraining order. You are NOT allowed within 100 yards of me!

Friday was supposed to be my distance day. I haven’t really had one in a few weeks.  My first plan was 13 miles in the morning. I had asked Ms. Crystal if she wanted to do anything that day. She picked “go for a walk”. So that altered my plans. I could still get in a decent distance in the morning and then go somewhere with her. That’s a good idea.

But, my body had other ideas. Friday’s are supposed to be my rest days. My veg days. My do nothing days. My brain was still adamant that I get that. I struggled to get ready and get to the park. I had wasted so much time that my 8 mile morning turned into a 3.5 mile morning. And they SUCKED. I struggled. I didn’t even run. I couldn’t even focus on walking. It was possibly my worst 3.5 ever. There was no reason for it, other than my body and mind were fighting each other. 

I could have pushed myself for more, but at this point I know my body. I know if I can get more out of it and I know if I am just going to exhaust myself trying to do that. The latter was the case this time. It was not happening. It made me angry. But, I am also glad to know that it really wasn’t my brain holding me back this time. My body just was not prepared.  

We didn’t  end up at the park, but instead we went to the mall. I took my pedometer. I had thought that it was about a mile loop around it. I was right. We did one loop then went to get Ms. Crystal some candles. And then we did another. That plus the fact that I intentionally parked so far away meant that I got in another 2.5 miles. Even on a sucky day I can still put in 6 miles on my feet.  Ironically, my mall time was a lot better. Something mentally clicked and I was fine. 

I need to get back into a good routine. So I planned on going to the gym after my session with my morning client yesterday. It wasn’t until I got to her place that I realized I forgot my packed sandwich. Crap. I didn’t want to spend money, but I couldn’t work out on an empty stomach. What do I do?

I opted to eat my protein bar before. I would allow myself a baked potato at Wendy’s after. Plus, I have Halloween coupons for free junior frosties (about 4 spoonfuls). So I did. I got in 5 miles, and headed over. 

I didn’t shower first and when I was in line for a few minutes the couple in front of me abruptly got out of line and left. Then when I stopped at Target on my way home for some Apple Cider, the same thing happened again. Coincidence? I suspect that I was super ripe. 

Tonight I carb loaded on pasta. I am ready!

So now here we are on Sunday night and once again I am falling asleep. And on that note, I must go to bed even though my boyfriend Aaron Rodgers is playing right now…sigh he’s so dreamy.

Have a Blessed Evening.

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