Thursday, November 20, 2014

Grown woman throws Tantrum in Target

Hello Beautiful People,

So let me tell you a story.

There was a lovely blonde woman who had lunch plans today to meet a friend. Instead of going out to lunch the plans changed to meeting at the office to eat. That meant that she needed to stop and pick up something to eat.

She thought about Subway. It’s always a good choice.  Plus, right now they have two $2 6” subs. But, she needed to pick up some bananas so she stopped at Target. She figured she would just grab something to eat there.

This grown woman had 5 minutes to find something. She looked at the deli sandwiches. Nothing looked exciting. She found a turkey avocado sandwich that looked decent. It was on sourdough bread though. The calories were way too high for her liking. She didn’t want a pre-processed meal. She had a tantrum in Aisle 7. BAH!

She ended up getting that sandwich and a bag of baby carrots. She planned on just not eating all of the bread.

Cut to her lunch time: she hated the sandwich. It was bland and dry. It was NOT worth the calories. She ended up pulling the meat out and eating that only.

Prior to lunch she ran 5 miles and then did 5 miles on the bike. She was HUNGRY. After lunch she had another 1 mile run with Girls on the Run. By the time she got home her head was pounding. She needed food.

In case you hadn’t figured it out…that grown woman was me. Never again!  I should have just gone to the Harris Teeter (grocery store) for bananas and the salad bar. I miss Wegmans!

Have a Blessed Evening.

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