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The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Episode 14

The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Episode 14

While I was sad to discover that this week was only one hour, I was also happy to discover how much free time will have with just one hour. Woo Woo.

It's the last week on the Ranch. We are down to the Final Five: Rachel, David, Jennifer, Chelsea, and Bobby.

We begin with some reflection on their former selves from week 1.

Rachel says that the "Me at week 1 would be floored by me today."

David acknowledges that 'Defeat' was part of his vocabulary. Now he focuses on his Inner Warrior. "How do you like me now?"

Jennifer says that during the first workout she was nervous, apprehensive, and scared.

Chelsea believes that the girl at week 1 would not believe who she is today. She is so positive and wants to live life.

Bobby tells us that he hit rock bottom during week 1.

This week is the Biggest Loser Triathlon.

Bobby and Jillian have a talk. Swimming is not his strong suit. He is afraid of failure and has been an underdog his whole life. He's scared of disappointing his parents.  Jillian reminds him that his parents still love him. He needs to walk away with no regrets.  She then says that if he looked inside for validation, instead of looking to others, he could be the Biggest Loser.


Where are they now? - Tanya

When Tanya arrived at the Ranch she weighed 262 lbs. Today she weighs 174 and she looks amazing! Amazing!  She's in a hot little red wrap dress.

She remembers the unhappy mother that arrived at the Ranch. Today she walks around the gym like she owns it. She hears Dolvett's voice in her head during every workout.

Tanya has been in the fast food industry for 2 years. And now she's opening a new restaurant: Livin Soul. It's with healthy comfort food. "I wanna feed ya and I want it to be healthy."

Goodness I want to try it! I am soooo proud of her.


Challenge America

Do you collect Box tops for schools? I do!  Box tops are located on many different cereals, soups, snacks, and toilet paper containers. They can be exchanged for money for schools.  It generally gets used for programs that would otherwise be cut, due to budget.

Dolvett and his son are in Virginia Beach with a bunch of teachers. If they complete the workout he has designed for them they each will earn $5000 for their schools.  They do it. :-)


Triathlon time!

They will start with a .5 mile swim. That will be followed by a 12 mile bike ride. The race will conclude with a 3 mile run.  The winner will not only earn a spot in the finale, but they will also win a Ford Fusion Energy.

Ali introduces Jackie and Dan, the mother/son Orange team from season 5. They are spokespeople for the Biggest loser Run walk. They are very excited for this race to start and encourage the contestants. 

David's plan is to get in the water first and force Rachel to have to get around him. They are neck and neck running to the water, but Rachel gets past him just as they reach it. She is the 1st one in.

Bobby's plan is to remind himself to be calm. If he panics it will not be good.

David finally has the body that he thought he could have.

Bobby is struggling in the water and then remembers his conversation with Jillian. He is hearing her in in mind "fear will pass, but regret is forever."

Rachel finishes the swim in just under 10 minutes. Her focus is to make a smooth transition in the changing station.

David finishes second. He sees the bike and run as great equalizers. He has fallen in love with the bike.

Chelsea is on David's tail.

Bobby has one goal: to finish. He owes himself to finish.

Rachel finishes the bike portion in just under an hour. She starts her run. David is not far behind. His plan is to stick with his trained pace.

She's crying, just like me, at the finish line. Rachel finishes in first place.  She finished in 1:32. "I just grabbed a hold of my life again!". Ali reminds her that she's a finalist. She is finally taking control of her life. The athlete is back and will and is going to champion this life.

David is on the homestretch and reflecting on the past. He is an athlete. He is a warror and could not be happier.  He finishes in 1:57. He's not sad. "I stand here today a winner!".

Chelsea says that 14 weeks ago she struggled to walk up a pair of steps. She crosses the finish line in 2:11.

Jennifer says that the "old me came to the Ranch with so much guilt and a lack of self confidence. She finishes in 2:17.

Bobby finishes at 2:38. He is so happy and is at the end of something truly incredible.


Video Review time! 

It's time for them to sit down with the trainers and watch video of them throughout the season.

In Bobby's video he says that he feels like a like he's living a life sentence in his body.

Rachel feels like she had lost her identity.

Towards the end they show each family hugging them from makeover week. There are tears for everyone.

The last thing the see is a video they each made during their first week.

Jennifer tells herself that her dreams are unstoppable.She has become what she wanted to be.

David wants himself to remember what it took to get him there. He tells himself "You don't even want to come back this this place." He reminds himself that the promise he made himself is just as important as the one he made to his late wife. He thanks Dolvett for seeing something in him.

Bobby reminds himself that he hated himself for things that were out of his control. He hopes that he loves himself.

Chelsea tells herself that she is free of all of the things that bogged her down. She was so lost before.


Where are they now? - Marie

When she got to the Ranch, Marie weighed 249 lbs. Today she weighs 150 lbs.  Before it was easy for her to say "I can't". Now she and her husband are getting out there trying new things (rock climbing for one).

Her focus on the Ranch was to become a mom. After a visit to the doctor she learns that she is ovulating again.

She says that it was hard work to get there and she is blessed for the opportunity.


It's time for the Weigh In!

Rachel goes first since she already earned her spot.  She started at 151 lbs and now weighs 150 lbs for a total of 1 lb.
Chelsea started at 164 lbs and now weighs 157 lbs for a total of 7 lbs. 4.27%
   She is happy because she hasn't been that size since she was 15. Plus it's the day before her birthday. She's going to look better in her 30's than she did in her 20's.
Jennifer started at 185 lbs and now weighs 182 lbs for a total of 3 lbs. 1.62%
   She has lost 84 lbs and she will not be saddened by her numbers.
Bobby needs to lose more than 10 lbs to be safe. He started at 248 lbs and now weighs 231 for a total of 17 lbs. 6.85%
   The best was when it hit him. "Wait, am I a finalist?"  Jillian mentions that he is the epitome of second chances.
   Jennifer is eliminated.  She still feels great though. She made it to the top 5.
David is the final one up. He needs to lose more than 11 lbs to be safe. He started at 259 lbs and now weighs 243 for a total of 16 lbs. 6.18%
   This is a new lifestyle for himself. He couldn't go back if he had to. He came in with a sad story. Today that story has changed.

Chelsea and Jennifer are going home.

Chelsea is happy to have found that woman that she's always been looking forward too.

Jennifer is just thrilled to have gotten as far as she did. And she stayed strong in the end.

Next week (tomorrow) is the Finale!

Some thoughts to ponder:

If Rachel didn't win the triathlon, would she still be in the finale?

I was happy with the top 5. I would be happy with anyone who won, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Bobby. I love seeing how much he has grown this season. He's my dark horse.

If you made a video today for your future self, what would you say?

Sorry for any typos...I am super tired right now.

Have a Blessed Night.

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