Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cheat Day: Orchid Extravaganza, Wings, and an upset Belly

Happy Daytona 500 Day!  Woo Woo!

Right now I'm bundled up under blankets in the basement watching Tony Stewart race in the Daytona 500. Woo Woo!  Hey Tony Stewart, when you are done racing feel free to Call Me!  So you'll have to forgive me if I get a little excited. I have missed him so.

 Yesterday was a lovely day. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The sky was blue. It was not that cold out. It was the perfect day to go to Longwood Gardens to finally see the Orchid Extravaganza that I had been hoping to see for two years now. I finally got to go. It was on the plan for last weekend, but weather kept my co-gardeners away. This weekend nothing was going to stop me. Not even the beginnings of a cold. Bah. Friday night I felt like crap when I got home. I pretty much passed out. But, after a good night's sleep I felt refreshed in the morning.

So around lunchtime I went and picked up Ms. Bibble and her wheelchair and off we went. Before we hit LG, as I now call it, we went for lunch. She had a coupon for a restaurant close by and we were in the mood for breakfast for lunch. It was perfect. I got an omlet with spinach and cheese. It came with home fries and toast.  She got the french toast combo that came with eggs, bacon, and sausage.

When the waitress put the plates on the table my first thought was "where are the to-go containers?" There was no way we could eat that much. We shared our meals and before we know it the plates were cleared. what?  Well okay, I had had soup for dinner two nights in a row...I guess I was kind of hungry.  And I would be walking around a lot so that's okay. The problem is that dinner was a planned cheat day. We'll deal with that later. It's time to get to LG.

We don't have a handicapped parking pass, but we somehow scored a prime spot. The place was packed. People come out in droves when we get a nice day.   Ms. Bibble was good with wheeling herself around, but I would be called upon to assist on hills and difficult areas...and there were a lot of hills.

When we first walked into the Conservatory I am just hit with how gorgeous it is. I love flowers. I love gardens. The beauty is not lost on me.

It was a wonderful day to just walk around and stop and smell the flowers. There isn't a lot to recap since we spent the whole time taking pictures and exclaiming how beautiful every single display was. So I'll just share some of my favorite photos from the day.

Pushing the wheelchair up the hills was a nice workout on the legs and butt, but maintaining control while going down a hill was a little hard on the knees. I made it through though. I fully enjoyed walking around outside. It was glorious.

We were going out to watch the Syracuse/Duke game afterwards so we had some time to kill. I was very thirsty so we went to the restaurant  to get something to drink...and a little snack because my blood sugar felt low. I got a bottle of water to carry around and a drink to caffeine me up....and a brownie. Dang it.

After that we took another spin around the Conservatory. It was less crowded and the flowers were still beautiful. It was delightful.

And then it was time to head out to Buffalo Wild Wings...we had a game to get ready for.

The plan was to split wings: honey bbq and buffalo. We got some potato wedges too...we got them with queso, but didn't really love them. We also got carrots and celery. The food was good, but I knew early on I was going to have a hard time. So I got some diet soda to help with the burping. We split 18 boneless wings. It wasn't that much, but my belly felt ginormous. I was burping a little, but it wasn't really helping. So I got another soda. I struggled because I knew I needed more water, but that would only fill me and not help relieve the pain. And this much caffeine so late in the day could not be a good thing.

Okay so we wanted to stay to watch the full game...I considered ordering a drink drink, but I was a driver. So we ordered the cinnamon bites. They were small and tasted like french toast. I really really should have stopped before that. We didn't even finish them.

The game ended horribly and my belly was not doing too well. When I got home I could not get my jeans off fast enough. I continued to burp and get a little relief, but not nearly enough. My belly was just plain uncomfortable.  And I couldn't fall asleep. Ugh.

This morning I woke up and my belly felt so much better. This is the second cheat day in two weeks that has made me sick. It's a good thing. It means my body is really can't tolerate things that are not good for me.  I kind of wish that applied to sweets since that's my downfall.

The scary thing is that this would have been nothing to the Former Fat Girl. She ate like that every day. But, she didn't walk around so much in between either. She would have needed to stop and take a seat in every room. Not this girl!   Last night I was mad at myself. I should have known that I would feel sick, but honestly I thought I might just feel full. I didn't really think it would do me in like that. So add wings to the list of Former Fat Girl Favorites that I now have bad associations with. I could choose to be mad at myself for making the food decisions yesterday, but instead I am going to focus on how far I have come. I have done such good work that my body doesn't tolerate certain things anymore.  Good job Jennifer!

PS-The Daytona 500 is red flagged due to weather...grr...I want Tony Stewart Back!

Have a Blessed Night.

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