Monday, February 17, 2014

Elementary School Reunion

Happy Monday Beautiful People,

So last we spoke I was on my way to my Elementary School Reunion. YAY!

When I was getting ready I of course wanted to look fanstastic!  I know I saw everyone last year, but I wanted to look even better this time. I still have that "they knew me as I was just begining to become the fat girl".  I settled on some jeans and a pretty sweater. I didn't go with my tight tight jeans because I would be eating.

OH yeah...we are meeting at Buckley's where Mr. Chucky, Chuck to those who didn't know him way back when, is the Manager. You may remember it as the place with the Bison Burgers...I have been salivating thinking about it for weeks.

The Reunion is more than just students. We went to a very small school and for some of us our parents worked there. So it wasn't just students, but teachers too. My friends' parents were my Principal and Teachers. We were very close.  Unfortunately, some were not able to make it yesterday due to weather and illnesses.  We will just have to do it again.

Since we had a large group we were seated in the back room. It was around 3pm so it was after lunch and before dinner. That can only mean one thing: appetizers. I was a little hungry, but I didn't want anything to fill me up. I saw hummus and pita chips on the menu...sold!

It was soooo yummy...but that was a LOT of hummus. Between that and the glasses of water I was drinking I was actually a little full when my burger came. And I had been drinking a couple of diet cokes to try to make me burp.  Didn't work.

So we had our appetizers and everyone was enjoying their beverages. We were visiting and having a lovely time. When is she going to take our meal orders????  I was talking and having fun, but in the back of my head I am screaming "I WANT MY BURGER!"  I was good though. And it turned out that only a few of us ordered food. Oh heck no, It was closing in on 6pm. I needed food.

I got my burger with sweet potato fries. They were yummy...but I didn't want to fill up on them. I needed to tackle that burger. I'm sorry, I was so hungry I did not take a picture. I was too focused on getting it in my mouth.

I was full. There was really no need to order dessert...and there was no way that I could have one to myself. So Ms. Jen and I split a tiramisu...

As you can see by the impression of the fork, it was not very big...but holy heck it was unbelievable... Let me just say that when I was done I felt like someone was going to say "I'll have what she's having.".

 Before we left I made sure to get a photo for those who could not make it. Spouses and parents opted not to be in the picture, even though they are very welcome because we love them too!

Buckley's has a PJ Brunch on Sunday and we are planning on having a "Students" gathering soon...Breakfast in my pjs at a restaurant...we used to go years ago and I'm dying to get back for it. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. I love breakfast for lunch and dinner.

I had such a wonderful time and I didn't want to leave...however, I was super uncomfortable. My pants were a lot tighter than when I first got there.  When I got home I had some ginger ale and the burps started to come and I had some relief. Today my belly was a little iffy...the burger wasn't bad. Please don't think that. However, I rarely eat red meat any more...I mean seriously, I can count on one hand the number of times I have had it in 2014. And I had steak on Saturday and then the burger on Sunday. My belly just wasn't loving it. There's a post in there somewhere about why would we want to build up a tolerance to something that makes us feel bad, but not tonight. Tonight we are just thankful that we had a wonderful time with some old friends who are more like family. And now we rest.

Have a Blessed Night.

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