Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eyeball Sanity...and most of my Weekend

Happy Sunday Bleeps!

So it's been a few days. My apologies.  However, I have decided that on days when I work from home I need to just log off of the computer at 5pm and call it a night...for my eyeball sanity. And on that note, I worked from home Thursday and Friday last week. Ugh...Tomorrow is a work holiday. However, my client does not have off. I was originally going to ask to work from home, but I'll lose my mind if I do that. So as of now I am planning on going in to work.

I had planned on my workout Thursday to be shoveling snow related. However, the shovel fairy visited and took care of me. So the new plan was to do some yoga. My joints were stiff from sitting in the cold all day.   So I did a "stress reliever" yoga. OH man...I know my hips were a little tight, but I had NO idea...I was in physical pain. I felt so good after though. I will need to do this one more often.

Friday after work I really wanted to do Yoga again, but cabin fever won out. I shut down at 5 and left the house. It felt so good to get out. I went to Grandmom's first to see how she was. It was a quick visit since she had a Valentine's Party to get to.  So then I went to Starbucks just to read and relax. I realize that reading is also a strain on my eyes, but it's a release for my brain so that's ok. Except that I forgot my reading glasses and the lights were so dim that it was hard to read. I had gotten a hot chocolate and the small black and white cookies...sadly I think they were stale. Boo.

Saturday morning we were expecting more snow. My goal was to get to the store as soon as possible.  I opted for Wal-Mart because they have a Subway in it. I could get there on time for a breakfast sandwich. I was a little too excited. I got a flatbread with egg whites, pepper jack cheese, ham, spinach, and tomatoes. Sooo yummy. With my belly full I could continue my shopping. Except I hadn't factored in one was the day after Valentine's Day...there were sales on chocolate.

My basket was full of good stuff: bananas, wheat bread, soup, peanut butter...would I violate it with valentine's stuff?  I didn't want to and there really wasn't room. On that note, my back was killing me. I was only there for 15 minutes and the weight of the basket was throwing my back out of alignment. I should have gotten a cart, but a cart is a license to put more stuff that I don't need in it. So I endured my pain and moved on. I walked past the Valentine's aisle...everything was 50% off...I saw these little hearts with 4 pieces of chocolate that were marked down to $0.50. I caved. But, all things considered 4 pieces of chocolate was pretty good.

I finally did my nails when I got back...oh that felt good. I took care of my feet and hands. They needed some TLC.

And then it was back to Grandmom's to pick her up. Cousin Shain's basketball team was in the playoffs. It was a big game. We needed to be there to cheer him on. No outside food or drinks are allowed because they want you to buy from the concession stands...I saw people with hot dogs and I wanted one so bad. I wasn't hungry, but there's something about having a hot dog at a game. I didn't get one.

I forced myself to stay seated and not get any. Of course this also meant that my butt was getting numb. By the end of the game my butt was sore. It was numb from sitting and the vibrations from the student section stomping their feet. They won so it was all good.

And then we came home for a dinner birthday party for cousin Michaela. Steaks, twice baked potatoes, green beans, and cake....Oh heaven. I was good. It was sooo yummy and I really REALLY wanted to get up for seconds, but I let my stomach catch up and I only had a little extra potatoes...and considering I only had a half with the first plate I was good.

Syracuse had a game and it was extremely close...too close..gave me anxiety and I wanted to eat...I didn't, but I still had that stupid urge.

So this morning when I woke up I was trying to plan my day. I was cozy in bed, but I needed to get up and run. Here's a little of the internal debate:

You haven't run in days. You need to get up.
It's cold and my bed is warm.
You have warm running clothes. GET UP.
You didn't drink enough water yesterday. You shouldn't do this.
This is becoming a habit. You need to get up.
Come on, just stay here and read a little...or blog.
You have a race coming up!  Did you forget that?

And that's what won. I forced myself to get up. I had an hour before I needed to get ready for church. I opted for a run on the treadmill in the basement. If I cramped or had knee problems then I would walk and then do some weights. I kept up a slow run. The knee hurt, but I kept it manageable. I finished my water bottle with 10 minutes to go (I changed it to 45 minutes with some arms).  I got thirsty.

I adjusted my run to what my body could handle. I still got in a 45 minute run and then I did some arm weights. I was sweaty and stinky...and I felt soooo good.

So I showered and went to Church. Then I stopped at Starbucks for some coffee and a bagel. I was STARVING by then. Do you know what today is?  It's the start of a new Treat Receipt...if you bring your receipt back after 2pm you get any bakery item for $1...Why? WHY must you tempt me so???

I quickly ran home and put together my taxes. I got them done and then changed to head out to the reunion.

And that's where I shall leave you for the night...I am extremely tired and I need to get to bed since I'm one of 3 people in the world that is working tomorrow (at least that's how it feels).

Have a Blessed Night

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