Friday, February 28, 2014

It's bathing suit time...kill me now

Happy Friday Bleeps,

Yesterday was a lovely day off for me. With the Rock'n'Rull USA race just a little over two weeks away the plan was to get in a distance day. That was before I got sick and the snow came.

I let myself sleep in a little, not too much though. And then I prepared myself to go down into the basement for the treadmill. I made sure to have some breakfast and grab some water. I got down there around 9:30. The plan was for 6 miles walking. I started and I stumbled a little at first, but then I got into a good rhythm. I was feeling good. At the halfway point I stopped because I ran out of water and I needed to transfer my laundry to the dryer. As soon as I stopped I felt a little weak and lightheaded. I was suddenly reminded that I wasn't back to 100% yet. So I took a half hour break and got a little something else to eat.

And then I went back downstairs for the rest of my 6. I finished and my second half felt much better. I always do better after the first 3 miles. I really really wanted to run, but I just couldn't take a chance on getting worse. I felt really good. I was still weak and pushing it for another 2-4 miles would be a tad much for my body. The good news is that my brain felt better. I was able to ease some of the anxiety I was having over the race. I have been conditioning my body for distances for a long time now. I'm still in good shape. I'm not going to get the time that I had hoped for, but I shouldn't keel over either.

Now it was time to really enjoy my day. So I showered and and then got ready to head out. I put on my new tiny jeans and went to go pick up Ms. Bibble. We were going to lunch. We didn't know where, but we were going out.  Now I know I was still a little sick because it was past lunch time for me, I had done 6 miles, and I wasn't hungry. That's not normal for me.  

When I got to Ms. Bibble's we were discussing her her new scale. Even though I had done a distance and drank a ton of water I got on. I am down some pounds so that was good :-)

Also while I was there she had me watch some of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He got in a twitter war with the Mayor of Chicago and was challenged to do the Polar Plunge this weekend for Special Olympics. He's gonna do it. I LOVE THAT! The best is that he's going to do it in a suit and asked people to wear a tie for their plunge in solidarity. I hope it all goes well for him.

Anyway, back to our lunch adventure.  We decided to head towards a busy area we like and we would make the decision where to go when something caught our attention. We settled on Chili's. They have a caribbean salad I enjoy so that's great.  Except that it's been a while since I've been there and the menu has changed.  Looking back now I can see the salad on the menu, but I had started to smell food and my hunger kicked in. We ordered the southwest eggrolls to split. YUM.

New on the menu are their Fresh Mex bowls. I saw chicken, corn, beans, avocados...and they had it in the lunch combo section. So I ordered it with a side salad.

It was good. I don't know if if's because I really can't taste things right now or if it was just missing that something special for me. But, it was fine. I just expected a little bit more, If I had gotten the sliders like I almost switched to I am certain I would have regretted it.

After lunch we decided to stop at Kohl's to check out some running gear and possible cruise wear. It's all good. I didn't see anything running wise that I wanted, so we hunted around for stuff for the cruise.

I found a shirt that is a familiar style to me. It's almost peasant-like, but cinches at the waist. I grabbed it to try on. And then I found a long sleeve hoodie shirt in a pale yellow that I thought would be a nice Jacket alternative. Oh I should have never gone into the dressing room. They both looked horrible on me. I mean that in a good way though. They weren't flattering on me. They used to be, but not anymore.

Okay, on to the bathing suits. The plan was just to see what's out there. Not sure what possessed me to go try them on. OMG I wanted to scream. First off, I should have gone to pee first. So I'm bloated from my water. I'm bloated from my workout. I'm bloated from all of the BEANS at lunch. Yeah, this was not my brightest idea.

I felt so good strutting around in my tiny jeans and then I morphed into the staypuff marshmallow woman trying on those suits. It brought tears to my eyes. It was not a good moment. And I know that it was a bad time to put them on, but I was out and feeling brave.

Afterwards we were walking through the pocketbooks because I want a small one for the cruise. I fell in love with this beautiful Vera Wang Blush Pink bag. This wouldn't be for the cruise. It would be for day to day. I told myself that it was too big. I didn't need it. I'm trying to eliminate my big bags, but oh how pretty it was.

We walked over to the sunglasses and jewelry just to look for fun. And then I realized that I wanted to get a pair of sunglasses for the cruise. I don't want to take my good Coach glasses. So I found a nice expendable pair. YEAH.

I was looking at earrings and I found this pretty set that had two pairs: one is a small diamond stud and one is a gold star filled with diamond studs. It's simple. It's understated. I liked it. I don't usually wear gold, but they spoke to me. I feel like a Star some days and I want to show that off.

I kept thinking about that bag and we went back for a second look. I still loved it. But, I decided to walk away. If I am still thinking about it next week I will go back for it.

While we were at Chili's we looked at the deserts, but opted to get something later. I really wanted something with ice cream because my throat has been killing me for the past week. And so we decided to go to the Friendly's for a milk shake. We decided to split a grilled cheese when we got there first because we weren't hungry, but if we had dessert now we would be starving late at night and that would be bad.

Forget the milkshake. I saw the Friendly-z on the menu and went for a vanilla ice cream with kit kat. Oh holy heck that was good. Soft serve vanilla is my favorite...throw in some kit kat and I was in heaven. It felt sooooo good on my sore throat...ahhh. But, by then my pants felt like they were going to pop off. Those beans were just filling me with gas. It was a tad uncomfortable. Argh.

When I got home I started to wonder about something. Did I really like that pocketbook or was it a reflex from the horrible fitting room experience? The Former Fat Girl splurged on pocketbooks and shoes because trying them on never made her feel fat. I've still been thinking about the bag so I'm not sure if that's the case, but it was something to worry me. I don't want to fall into a bad mental trap and have a setback.  I'm doing so well. I must only look forward. After all, there's a Caribbean destination in my future...

Looking back as I wrote this I was a little annoyed with my food choices. They sound so bad.  But, I kept my portions small and didn't finish everything. I got a wide variety of veggies in. So I won't be mad at myself. Besides, today I was totally rocking a pair of skinny jeans so it's all good.

Have a Blessed Night

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