Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Random Wednesday: Marky Mark, Stress, and solid Chocolate fondue

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

Have you seen Wahlburgers on A&E?  It combines two of my favorite things: Marky Mark and Burgers! HaHa.  It's cheese, but I like it. And it makes me want to go to Boston to check out the family restaurant.


Monday night was my massage night. It was much needed. The good news is that my shoulder was better. All of my stretching and yoga has helped. I still don't have full range of motion in it, but the knot is getting smaller so we're doing good.


Today is a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it made it easy to get up and get moving. Yesterday was overcast. It made it difficult. Today though, I got up and went to the park for a nice 5 mile walk. I would have gone for longer, but I am spending the afternoon with Grandmom. Plus, I am going to the old gym for a few hours tomorrow morning before I head up to the mountains to see Ms. Carol and the girls.


Right now I am dealing with a lot of stress. I can't really talk about it, but hopefully things will get better in a little while. Let's just say that the package I was expecting is not what we thought it would be and I have to do a lot of legwork and waiting to get things that are supposed to be coming to me. It's stressing me. It's making money very tight right now. To the point where I'm eating on a very strict budget. It's not good. It makes me angry. I will either lose a bunch of weight because I'm not eating enough or from stress.


Yesterday my project was to go through my summer clothes. I wanted to see if there was any to give away. I wanted to see what I had for the cruise. And I wanted to see what fit.

I have a bag in my trunk to give away. I found a bunch of clothes that I forgot about that I can wear on the cruise. And I was surprised by some clothes that fit. There were some things that were too small last year that fit now. YEAH!  And yet there are still some items that were a little snug last year that are still snug this year.  I'm hoping that they will be good shortly.


Sunday after the race I had a hard time functioning. I was just plain tired by the time I got home. It was almost 7 hours between when I left for the race and when I got home. I did get to take a little nap, but after my shower I was pretty much in bed all day. I caught up on my shows for the past couple of months. I just couldn't get energy. Generally I get an adrenaline boost from my big races when I am up that early. I don't get that same boost from shorter races. Then I realized that my tired body was taking advantage of the situation. I got some rest.


When I walked in to Grandmom's today she said "Look at you Skinny!  I guess you get tired of hearing that." Nope, I really don't. Keep it coming!


So I'm going to see Miss Olivia tomorrow night. YEAH! She has plans for us. I have to share the cutest text ever received:

Ms. Carol: This will melt your heartstrings...This morning Olivia said "Will I ever see Aunt Jennie ever again? I love her." When I said that you are coming this weekend she said "Aunt Jennie & I can have an inside picnic, play, & go for ice cream." Adorable.

YES IT IS! I'm coming Miss Olivia!!!!


When I was at Dad's last week I noticed that he had a book on his shelf that I wanted to read. I had forgotten that the author had a new book come out in September. So I asked to borrow it. He borrowed it from a neighbor. So I am reading it and returning it when I go back next week.

Funny thing. It's a Large Print. I got strangely excited. My eyes have been so strained. I would be able to read a book without my reading glasses. But funny thing. Now that I'm not staring at a computer screen all day I don't need my reading glasses all of the time. YEAH!


Blonde Moment: I somehow forgot that the chocolate fondue in my Hot Chocolate mug would solidify...Um HELLO! When I went to wash it out I had to chip it out with a knife and there was about 2 hershey kiss sized chunks that came out. HEAVEN!

Have a Blessed Night

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