Saturday, April 5, 2014

All you need is a little Sunshine

Happy Saturday Bleeps!

Is it sunny where you are?  It is here!  HOLLA!

It is truly amazing how important sunshine is to your mental health. I was down at the beach for a couple of days. Yesterday when we were out and about it was cold, windy, and cloudy. It was depressing. We still went out to see the water, but it was not a super fun time. This morning I woke up and the sun was shining. What a difference that makes.

The original plan was to get up early and drive back home to meet Heather to pick up our race packets for tomorrow morning. Truth be told, I was not even excited for the race. I paid a lot of money for this race and we were getting some good gear. If it came down to it, I would just pick up my stuff and skip the race. I didn't want to drive into Philly at the crack of dawn for a rainy race.

The packet pick up time was different than planned so we decided to go separately. That meant that I could stay a little longer. Thank goodness. If I had to leave early when it was that nice out I probably would have cried the whole ride back. My heart is at the beach.

The reason why I went down for a couple of days was to see Mr. Brian, who was in town to see his mom.  So yesterday I got up early and went to workout for a couple of hours. Then I showered and headed over to see them. I was starving and we didn't really make exact plans for where we were going to grab lunch. So when I got there I was a little antsy. I wanted to visit his mom, but I also wanted to go eat. She was so cute. She said to stay where I was, she had something to give me. She had a couple Reece's Peanut Butter eggs for me. I could hardly say no.

Eventually we went across the street to grab some food. I was promised a place that has a great half sandwich/soup combo. I was told that the amount of meat you get on the sandwich is absurd. He did not lie.  We each got the California Dude sandwich: Turkey, cheese, sprouts, tomato, and avocado on wheat. The sandwich was bigger than my head. Thank goodness I didn't get the whole size.

It was too cold and miserable to go anywhere after so we went next door for some Dunkin Donuts coffee...the fun kind. Butter Pecan iced coffee. Small. O.M.G. Worth the calories. Did you know they have donuts with Marshmallow peeps on them? That Dunkin Donuts is also a Baskin Robbins. I didn't even recognize most of the flavors. They had a movie theater popcorn flavor. Say what???  There were pieces of popcorn in this ice cream. I couldn't handle it.

So then we gathered the nerve to go find some water. We were at the beach, we have to see it. It was too windy and far to head to the ocean, so we went to the bay instead. It was pretty. And COLD. I put on my winter coat and my mittens.

We did walk around for a little while and I was very happy to find some flowers. Spring is definitely coming...even if the cold doesn't agree.

It was nice, but we just couldn't do it for too long. Get me somewhere warm. So we headed back and went to Grotto's Pizza. We could watch the Phillies game, stay warm, and maybe get some pizza. *I was still starving from my morning workout.  So we did. Not proud, but I was hungry hungry HUNGRY. In retrospect, I probably should have gotten the full size sandwich instead of the soup.

So fast forward to this morning and it's a whole new day. It's GORGEOUS. We had plans to meet for lunch and I texted for thing this morning: I NEED to see the Ocean today.  We decided to meet there a little early and walk along the boardwalk before grabbing lunch.

I could not find a parking spot. It was mobbed. SPRING IS HERE! Oh it was so exciting people and dogs everywhere. Places were open that had been closed for the winter. Most importantly, our coffee place, Cafe-A-GoGo, was open. Holla!  So we met up there and got some coffee. Mine might have been toasted coconut flavored and just plain heavenly....SMALL.

So then we headed up to walk along the boardwalk. The boardwalk is 1 mile end to end. Generally we start in the middle and walk down and back. Sometimes we do this multiple times. I wish we had more time today, but I did have to leave eventually so we only got a mile in, but it was pure joy. If you can't smile on a day like today then something is wrong with you. Shoot people were in their bathing suits. It was 62 degrees, but it felt like 80.

We decided to eat at the Greene Turtle which has a balcony overlooking the ocean. Seriously, if we are going to be there we are going to make the most of it. Quite frankly we couldn't figure out why people chose to eat inside. This was our view:

So my meal was fantastic. I ordered the Raspberry Turkey Flatbread. It was Turkey and Cheddar Cheese melted in a flat bread with a raspberry dipping sauce. Oh heaven it was good. And since I hadn't workout this morning I could only finish half. I brought the other half home for later.

It was very hard to leave. VERY hard to leave. I really hope the weather is this nice in a week when I come back with Ms. Bibble and Miss JoJo. The good news is that this totally got me excited for tomorrow's race. As many as I do and as much as I enjoy them, sometimes I am just not mentally ready until we are physically at the race.

I drove back and got my race gear and I was ready to go. I'm good for tomorrow now. All I needed was a little Sunshine.

Have a Blessed Night

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