Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Random Wednesday: Drool, Babysitting, and Burgers

Happy Random Wednesday

Just as I started writing this a commercial for butter came on with a big bowl of mashed potatoes. I just drooled a little.


So last week I had a session with my Pastor in the park. I got there early and got 2 miles and then put in 5 more miles after. I had lunch plans and went straight there. It was the middle of the afternoon before I was driving home. I was gross. I hadn’t had a shower. I considered stopping at Subway or Starbucks and then I had a horrifying thought. That would be the day that I would finally run into Tony Stewart. I didn’t stop. I know that the odds were against that, but I couldn’t take the chance of grossing him out.


I had coupons for free Junior Frostys from Wendy’s that were from Halloween. They expire next week. So of course I had to go. I made sure to get in 5 miles first. I couldn’t decide between chocolate and vanilla, but luckily I didn’t have to choose. You can get a twist!  Crap…I wish I didn’t know that.


I’m just going to give a big shout out to whoever invented the frozen vegetable microwavable steam bags. They are Awesome!


Toe nail update: It’s still hanging in. But, it is now out from the cuticle area…I’m officially grossed out by my own feet.


I was babysitting this weekend. The kids were 10 yr old twins. They are awesome. They volunteered to make me lunch. I snagged a chip off of the plate while they were fixing it. I was not prepared for salt & vinegar. I love those chips, but I usually know that I am doing it. It was quite the shock to the system.

The chips went with turkey and cheese sandwiches on the most awesome rolls. Now I am from Philadelphia, home of the hoagie and cheesesteak. Rolls are VERY important to me. These were amazing. French Hoagie Rolls. I ran to the store to get some for myself. Oh mama they are good!
So the kids were talking about pickles that were in the fridge. I offered to get them. I put them on the counter and the label was facing away from me. I opened them and we put on our plates. And then I noticed they were jalapeno flavored. I soldiered up and ate mine, but I drank an enter 32 oz cup of ice water with it. So then I was frozen.

The boy put mayonnaise on his and ate it. I almost threw up.


Mr. Brian came to visit me this weekend. Sadly he wasn’t feeling too well, but we did manage to go for a 5 mile walk/hike yesterday before he left. We didn’t push it for speed, but we did spend most of the time talking about food. We talked about good options for every meal and snacks. It was good.
We talked about eating out and what some options are at Subway. So we stopped there on our way home and got a foot long to split: turkey and ham on wheat. We did get provolone, even though we discussed not eating cheese, and had it toasted. We had spinach, tomatoes, and cucumbers on it. Then we put on some guacamole when we got home. Yum.


I am still craving that burger…


Alrighty kids, it’s been a long day and I need to go to bed.

Have a Blessed Evening

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